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Texas Democrats join Ron Paul in support of marijuana legalization

Ron Paul is not alone in his support for decriminalizing marijuana. Texas Democrats have joined the Lake Jackson Republican — and an ever-growing list of state political parties — who endorse decriminalization of pot.

More than 50 percent of Americans are in favor of the decriminalization of marijuana, according to recent polls.

Texas Democrats say they’re motivated by a desire to prevent drug-related crime. Legalization or decriminalization, they say, will remove the power of selling marijuana from street gangs and drug cartels, which will reduce crime.


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over 50%

Shouldn't this be a done deal, if over 50% of Americans support this and they are supposed to be applying the will of the people? Do over 50% of Americans even support Obamacare? Yet that seems to be pushed forward very nicely.

soon to be a DNC platform

The skinny around town is Democrats are expecting this issue will have enough committee support to make the national platform at the upcoming Dem national convention in a few weeks. Smart move. Democrats right now are very interested in courting libertarian votes, and open to trying new ideas that are not incompatible with the "BOLD Ideas for Bold New CHANGE" theme that they pretend to represent under this administration.

Meanwhile on the other hand is the GOP, willing to try any new ideas that will continue to uphold the longstanding Republican "we're the same big old self righteous tight-asses that we've always been" theme.

there are some "big old self righteous tight-asses" in the

Republican party, but actually there are more liberty minded people than you would guess. The Republican party has come a long way from it's roots, like any other association, it was infiltrated and 'guided'. Many in today's party are not so much Republican but 'authoritarian', just as many in the Democrat party are socialist or communist. Interesting to me, that those are BOTH m/l authoritarian.

They might get some support at the national level

but the liar-in-chief already promised that industry that he would dial back the Republican war on drugs, at least as far as marjuana's concerned - and then promptly did exactly the opposite. I don't think this will help overcome that betrayal at the national level.

Its nice they are trying to

Its nice they are trying to court Lib Voters... but they have the power now to take action.

If they really expect RP suporters to vote DEM in November, between now and then the president would need to take a 180 degree U-Turn on his current drug law policies.

I don't see the president doing that.

I agree

but I don't think they're looking at November. I think they're anticipating the Presidents re-election and looking past November to the 2014 mid-term.

I didnt vote for Obama in 08, and I won't vote for him this November. Back in 07-08 when the MJ constituency of voters were pushing "Obama gonna legalize it", I was the person pushing back "you're an idiot if you believe he's going anywhere near that issue if he gets elected - not in his first term anyway". I believed that then and to my surprise most of his MJ constituents would agree with that statement back then. Whether they still believe that way or not is anybody's guess. Perhaps adding pro-mj language to the national platform the DNC is hoping those folks will view it as a signal. Personally I think he would like to be the President remembered for putting an end to that decades old racist policy, and if it becomes an issue in the 2014 midterm election he may well be - IF he's re-elected. If he's not re-elected, Democrats will at least have an issue card to play to independent voters (and right leaning libertarians) in tight races.

Don't forget Democrats are classic populists. They change positions with the political winds. Right now on the political weather map libertarians are a pretty strong breeze that is trending toward the right.

Dems have never been ones to do nothing while support grows to the right. Think about it, they transformed their image from the party of slavery and the KKK, into the party of equal rights and social justice in less than a century - and in that time, with some degree of success, managed to paint the Grand Old abolitionist Party in the image of greedy misogynistic old white men and tea-bagging rednecks. Never underestimate how quickly populists can turn "180 degree U-Turn" on a dime.

They know what all of us here at DP know and what the GOP is blind to - libertarians are not [yet] strong enough in numbers to win outright, but are now at that 9 or 10% (double-digit) level that is not small but small enough to organize, and plenty big enough to tilt elections. We've already seen the right trying to pander to us with libertarian language on the economy and fiscal issues (ie Newt's position on the Fed,etc.). I would not be a bit surprised if the Democrats start doing the same to try and appeal to social libertarians.

The illegals come here when

The illegals come here when because our economy is better than theirs. illegal stuff crosses the boarder for the same reason. the only economy theyve managed to save is the one we want gone


Party Platform

From the article.. "according to the Texas Democrats’ 2012 platform"

Good use of time at the Texas Democrat Convention. We accomplished alot at the TX GOP Convention, but maybe next time around we can add this into the platform.

If both the TX GOP and Dems can agree on this, maybe the state will finally pursue decriminalization actions. Currently MJ is very illegal in Texas and being arrested for possession carries stiff penalties.

Nov. 6th landslide win

If they all vote for a Liberty candidate on the ballot.

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I will never vote for Gary Johnson

The bottom of your comment says 'Gary Johnson 2012!' Um NO

He is the same as the others. Tells you what you want to hear but his true nature can be found in the details.

Go ahead, look him up along with Gitmo subject. He thinks we should keep it open and even calls it a necessary thing. If that isn't a complete example of him not being a libertarian then I don't know what is. Lock people up with no trial, torture, and held away in secret prisons without the world able to see what is going on..... cha, that's not against individual liberty at all is it?

Summary, Gary Johnson is the new Bob Barr. That plant will not get my vote.

Why should we cross over?

I will never vote for Owebama never! End of story!