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Jeremy Richter was nice enough to make a professional video on Ron Paul. Now it is our chance here at dailypaul to do our thing. Make a video saying your name (last is not required) And your state and that you support Ron Paul. Secondly, state WHY you support Ron Paul. This is a video for the Romney delegates to change their minds. This is our chance and I am willing to do all the work to support it. Dailypaulers for Ron Paul! Make a short video and send to DrRonP2012@yahoo.com and I will put all our videos together. Don't worry about quality or sound I will fix that. This is just part 1 and we will do this until we feel the need to go on or stop. I think the max size is 10 MB per email but if you want to go beyond that add me at maxamania23 on Skype and we will get it by. What do you all want the title to be and music? We can have a vote on it but don't miss out to be heard. Your replies will determine the outcome not me, I'm just in it to help Ron Paul and I hope this gets a lot of responses. Ron Paul can still win the nomination but is up to us to get the job done! I already have a video in the making of youtubers for Ron Paul that is coming out shortly. Our video will be featured here www.youtube.com/user/DrRonP2012. Please all join in and do a short video for the DR. We can make many more together with all of your ideas! Thank you all for supporting Ron Paul!!

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I think it's a great idea. =)

I don't know if I'll get a video sent but I have a suggestion about music. Keep it low key and the volume down. So many of the videos are IMO (and my husband's opinion too) ruined with music that is much too *there*. I love music but it should not be the focus. My .02, take it or leave it.

Looking forward to seeing what you put together!!

Great Idea

Wonderful idea MaxMan! I wish you the very best in your effort and I'm certain it will make a difference! Please everyone, take a few minutes and send your videos in. Can't wait to see the finished piece!


Send me one if you got time. I had to change the email to yahoo because the gmail didn't have much storage. So far I got 5 videos from youtubers and I hope to get some from the dailypaulers here but it takes time to do that so I'll wait and see what happens.

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