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Justice Roberts Bribed or Blackmailed? Citizen's Grand Jury to Find Out the Answer!

Citizen's grand jury being put together to investigate Justice Roberts sudden change of heart.


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Has Klayman ever resolved a case?

Just askin. I've seen news reports of him doing this or that suit for going on 20 years I guess, but have never heard of him actually accomplishing anything.

Undo what Wilson did

Judicial Watch gets a lot of

Judicial Watch gets a lot of FOIA stuff out...Alex Jones fodder.

Ventura 2012

Everything is a conspiracy

wake up there is conspiracy in everything.

"The more you understand everything, the more you can understand anything."

Seriously, its really

Seriously, its really cheapening this site.

Why do you think the Cons. on

Why do you think the Cons. on the court were so pissed? this doesnt happen after just ANY decision, it happened because they felt Roberts was co-opted from the outside.

Ventura 2012

Why does everything have to

Why does everything have to be a conspiracy at the DP?

Why can't folks just accept the simple and obvious conclusion - Roberts is just willing to support big government if that's what the people want (as expressed through their leadership choices). He's not a principled constitutional originalist, he's a jurist who believes that SCOTUS should find ways to make lawfully passed legislation constitutional. He said as much in his opinion.

He's a very dangerous man who will not be upholding libertarian views on constitutional rights. We should expect more horrid rulings from his court.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Because of the last minute

Because of the last minute switch and the public pressure put on by the White House.

Ventura 2012


People are not putting up with these kind of actions anymore. We want the truth and we will get it. He'll be the first Justice to go to jail for dereliction of duty.

Keepin' it real.