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Gregory Mannarino: New Spokesman against the Establishment?


what do you guys think of this guy? In one of his other vids, he showed via visual demonstration, how since the late 90s, the dollar is in decline relative to the Euro, despite the more recent news out of Europe. Very effective presentation.

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Greg Mannarino - Very knowledgeable guy

I found Greg about 2 months ago in my ongoing search for information about where this country is headed and how to grow wealth and protect the family. I look forward to Greg every day because he is knowledgeable and backs it up with facts and charts. He also has written quite a few books. Instead of sitting in my living room and watching CNN or Fox News I listen to Greg on YouTube every day. I do not trust the MSM anymore to provide any honest news of any kind, so Greg is a very fun and refreshing alternative.

Books are a Must Buy!!

I no longer read Dave Ramsey, Greg is the one to read and learn. I read two of his books in one night. Complex information made simple. Don't just survive the coming storm but prosper and this is the road map to that end.

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greg is a financial insider

greg is a financial insider and knows his ish. he makes a 15 minute video everyday so you're always up to date on the financial situation.

he mainly advocates getting your money out of the banks, buying up as much silver as you can, and preparing for the coming global financial collapse.