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The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER...

Beginning scene of the new HBO series The Newsroom explaining why America's Not the Greatest Country Any Longer... But It Can Be.


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This was just brought to my attention....wow.

Please share..

honest? HBO?

not happening.

be careful of what you hear.

The problem with this is that

The problem with this is that it comes from a point of view that we need bigger government. HBO is a liberal network. So sure we can applaud the anti-war sentiments, but they will be the first to support more money to schools, more welfare etc.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Saw the first show,

And all I can say is the trailer to the series is better than the actual show. It is a dud imo.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

This rant is a grab-bag.

He says that government spending programs (on poverty, on going to the moon, on big public works projects) are among the things that used to make America the best country on Earth. Also, what professor today would say freedom or liberty are what make America great, or even say that America IS great? That would be a mighty rare find, a professor who believed in America.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Sadly, as a professor, my

Sadly, as a professor, my experience says that your last two sentences are untrue.


Qualifies as a professor today pales in comparison to what it once meant...
I say this not to be offensive, but rather that it qualifies the previous post's opinion.

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

I disagree. Actually, the

I disagree. Actually, the average professor today is considerably more highly trained than his or her predecessor. The market has never been more competitive. There are 150 applications for most positions, and many people have doctorates and no job. Rural state colleges are getting professors trained at elite institutions on a regular basis. This is a direct result of government getting involved in student loans and the bubble starting to burst. It caused malinvestment and misappropriation.

However, the professorial culture has never been more inundated by socialistic ideas than it is now, in my opinion.

I think you are quite misguided to think the previous generation of professors were more skilled. It's the same nostalgic thinking that causes people to glorify "the good old days."

Nothing personal, just some

Nothing personal, just some observations.

Maybe, highly trained at exactly what?

I am an older guy and have been attending a state college. From some conversation with some of the professors there, I am troubled.

Generally speaking, it seems like as if, higher educated also coincides with a loss of some basic fundamentals' from a free humanity and history perspective.

I have been looking at things from the view of, that higher educated is supposedly considered to be the smarter segment of society, the best. Yet, with all these smarter folks in government and educating positions, why is this country so screwed up?

I almost feel like from now on, asking a person if they are higher educated. That sort of would trigger a red flag since the odds are that I would be dealing with someone who has loss of some fundamentals.

I have six more courses to go and wonder what the mindset of the next ones will be.

I'm not sure if you

I'm not sure if you understood my original comment the way I meant it, because it seems we agree.

I'm saying that, in my experience with my colleagues and my own professors as a grad student, the average professor of today tends to rather mind-numbingly accept the notion that if more people were formally educated to a higher level and if the federal government would do more, particularly in health care, social security, and education, we would all be better off. Of course, nearly all of us on this forum think that is rather the opposite of true.

If you are saying that a college education tends to promote socialistic principles and big government, I COMPLETELY AGREE -- thus my original post. Reading it again, I see I wasn't exactly clear in my meaning that unfortunately, it is NOT a rare professor today that believes in what America is doing with regard to centralization and socialism. The only thing professors seem to oppose is all the wars, but they don't do a very good job of it, and they don't care that Obama is even worse than Bush.

However, in response to the idea that professors aren't what they once were, I disagree. When I say they are more highly trained today, I mean trained in their respective fields of study. Why else would you hire a professor? If i want to be a great chemist, i should go study with the best one available, not the one whose political opinion I value. So even though I believe colleges to be cesspools of socialistic nonsense, I also believe the professor to be better at their respective fields of study than in previous days, and I can back up my argument using the same economic theory all of you already understand.

You are entitled to your opinion

Just don't try to post it as fact. I have been nursing two kids through two different high ranking universities for the last 4-5 years. I can attest that 'some' professors know more academic skills than in my day but that has exactly zero to do with what the kids learn. The overall experience for the student is completely and totally pathetic!!!

I have had to completely teach macro and micro econ to my daughter because she (and half the class) could not even understand the foreign professor assigned to 'help out' the regular prof. That professor was too busy writing grant applications to get the U more money to be bothered to tutor anyone.

Same with Chemistry 1. WE taught the student teacher's aids how things really worked.

In ultra advanced CAD, my son had to learn the program himself, teach the teacher and then GRADE HIS OWN WORK. That same teacher taught finite element analysis from a 4 year old set of class videos but did not use the same problems. In fact he even had not worked out that the problems had any solution. (We, he and I, confirmed this with the engineering team that originally wrote the software package!) BTW, that field had completely changed every year for the last decade - four years is beyond obsolete.

Another class had so many classes missed because the instructor had conflicts with his university sponsored business schedule. That was a controls engineering class. Just so you know, that's NOT something you can do self study very well. You can't build much in the robotics area without access to the lab.

I could go on and detail 1 or 2 problems like this each year for each kid but you understand my point. All in all, they got the basics, I ensured they got the real world info, they'll get the degree (not the 4.0 though) and the school got our (and lots of taxpayer) money. Had I to do it again, I would never ever recommend higher ed. ...and I work for a big university. Would you like to maintain your point now?

I think you completely

I think you completely misunderstand me. I do not suggest that college is a great place to learn and mature. In fact, I think the opposite to be true for the average student. As a professor, I wish half of the students at my university would get jobs instead of go to college. They are not there for the right reasons and it is bad for all parties involved.

Read my response above for a more thorough explanation. I think we are more on the same page than you think. I was merely responding to the comment that professors aren't what they once were. They are indeed more highly trained than ever. This does NOT necessarily make college a good place to be. In fact, easy money for all students to go to college is what is ruining it! Just like the housing bubble.

Biased much?

Biased much?

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

See my responses above. I

See my responses above. I think you misunderstand me. But biased? No more so than you. On the other hand, I probably know the political opinions of more college professors than all my respondents combined, so my sample size is better for estimation. The university system is really nearly a perfect microcosm of how the federal government works (or doesn't work, more specifically). When the government started handing out tons of guaranteed student aid, the universities expanded dramatically, mostly with unnecessary programs and more middle management. The quality of a university education went down and the price went up! However, the quality didn't decline because of the quality of the faculty. It has never been more challenging to find a job as a full time faculty member, but it has never been easier for a high school student to go to college, regardless of academic record or ability to pay for it. What's wrong with that equation? Same thing as the housing bubble and the same thing that will be wrong with health care.

May be a fiction show but....

some of he things he said are still very true. Of course, there is a whole long list of bad things he can say but would have mad for a very long scene. After all this is still a tv show drama.

I would love to see someone in the MSM say what s/he actually thinks and reports the truth.

"Freedom is never easy in a world of tyranny" - ME

Wow! The propaganda

just gets more subtle all the time.

Why is believing in angels lumped in with all the bad things about this country? If I had the time or desire to further analyze this clip it would be clear that this is just more hollywood brainwashing. Say a few things that people agree with and they get all excited and don't see the twist or the falsehood that is mixed in. But I have no desire to listen to some hollywood whore spew profanity and misinformation.


But he missed #1 Debtor nation in the history of mankind.

#1 Debtor, & the great Debate

+1, right. is also considered great. same-time something great is going on in america, the great debate. the world is watching.

america is the modern Goliath, military muscle, the keeper & guardian of evil secrets, challenging the small & faithful.

america is like ancient Roman empire, with puppet kings & corrupt priests in the middle-east, add barabbas or bin-laden.

here is the great debate = its on DP =
New Video: Revolution 2012: It's Time To Rise

Honest or Pretending ??

it looks like its a clip from a movie, fictional, the man is pretending, called 'acting', many others joined in the game, - they were paid for it.
+1. Many statements made by him were true, not all. (]:)>