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Romney Caught Cheating - Campaign Over - It's Paul Vs. Obama

Is this gaining traction anywhere but DP?

My apologies if this is old news.

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Big Bump!!!

President Paul!!!!

I'm glad

If Ron Paul is "destroying" our "economy" then more power to him.

But the reality is our economy is collapsing under the weight of decades of shortsightedness and it's not the politicians alone who are to blame.

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President Paul!!!


Ron Paul

or Bust



"it's over"? why would it be "over"?

I hate to be Debbie Downer, but this seems like the rankest kind of false hope flame-fanning, to me. JMHO.

I hope that will prove to be wrong... but I'm not holding my breath. However, everyone is free to do as they see fit, and obviously some are going to pursue this, so... we will find out.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Debbie Downer is right

Of course, it's not over and of course it's not Paul vs. Obama. That's wishful thinking at its most unhelpful. Let's all live in the real world. That's the world we need to change!


It looks like he only wants to confirm the unbound part in a Federal Court. There is no tie to Romney in this case it seems.

Is this only between RNC and delegates?


When is the trial date? they should have set this thing up where any american citizen could be a plaintiff,since we're all affected by this instead of just the delegates.If they had they would have a million plaintiffs.Lets get Romney a jail cell,and Ron Paul the nomination. " Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,make violent revolution inevitable." John F. Kennedy

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

The press has been asking Romney why he has off shore accounts

I'm thinking now we know. Anyone know if Switzerland and Bermuda have extradition agreements with the USA? LOL

Don't go looking for "the video."

It's a very interesting audio but the video component, a stationary camera recording a rather attractive city skyline at sunset (or sunrise?) is unrelated.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

It's a

conference call, audio, there is background with text overlay and some pics. After all YouTube is a video site.

lets hope.

lets hope.

The lawyer

claims criminal syndicate by Romney and the RNC chair Reinse Priebus. Says the Judge is a fair and no nonsense judge.

I dont mean to be a negative nancy hyere but how confidant are you that this judge wont make a rank and file status quo decision. Afterall we have a Marxist foreigner in the Oval office with a birth certificate that wouldnt pass BMV criteria for a drivers liscense.

One must have hope that the truth will come to light from good honest men. There are a few still left out there.

Spread this everywhere!




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Thats one aggressive attorney!

What is the status of this case? Does anyone know if this will get to trial before the Republican convention? Like all things Dr Paul, the MSM appears to be blacking this out too, is there any media reporting on this at all?

Keep it bumped!



!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can not believe this has not been on here!!!

That's because it has. Been here.

On several different threads over the past 2 weeks.
It is just a snippet of the 6/27/12 “Lawyers for Ron Paul” teleconference audio playing over unrelated background imagery, thrown together by the remarkably talented, English-teaching robot, Ian Snow Carpenter a/k/a/ RonPaulONE (or whatever its current name is, since the robot always goes haywire, starts spamming the threads, and gets itself banned).




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