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Why Ron Paul won't win Nebraska (my opinion only)...

...the poor Paul delegates there have the full weight of the ROTTED, CHEATING RNC coming down on them like a ton of bricks.

Like they did to us in Washington State.

They knew damned well that this was Ron Paul country and the rotten cheating bastards did everything possible to assure a Romney victory.

But they screwed up by making the margin of victory a little too big.

Does the line "Me think thou dost protest too much" from Shakespeare's Hamlet ring a bell?

I would LOVE to be proven wrong.

So let this be a challenge and a warning to the Nebraska Paul delegates not to do as we did in Washington State, mainly: SHOW THE HELL UP!!!

We lost here by a mere 100 delegates who didn't show up from the far reaches of the state (mostly Spokane area).

If you are going to lose, PLEASE don't let it be because you HAD the numbers BUT THEY ./DIDN'T SHOW UP.

DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to attend that convention, and if you truly are Paul country YOU WILL WIN!!!

I will be chipping in financially as the Daily Paul has asked.


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The state has laws

Central committees VET delegates and delegates are required to sign oaths to the US Constitution, a Loyalty to Party, and a 470, will not committ fraud, these papers are registered with the sec of state.

If you didn't do that, and decide that you need federal judge to dictate and remove you from your state protection and get federal government protection you never got STATESMAN Ron Paul in the first place.

You're NOT entitled to a thing.

You play by the rules like everyone or you don't play, or as you suggest, you call the feds to rescue you as you have no intention of representing the people, but your self.

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Agree with your assessment. These RNC people are ruthless.

Underhanded tactics were used by the Montana RNC as well.
The Nebraska people need to be consequent, resolute, and firm. The turn-out will be crucial, since all of the maneuvering that was done to us was by either voice, or head count votes, and by simply following their unfair rules, which the Nebraska delegates will need to change during their meeting.

Godspeed Nebraska Ron Paul delegates!



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

RP supporters-meet the night before....

to go over game plan,
show up early,
pack a lunch,
call for motion to elect a chair-first order of business
hire your own security (sheriff, local police, etc.)
have your copy of RRs on hand or better yet a parliamentarian to oversee.

To those unable to be there: give to the chip-in


I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

Make no fewer than 5 phone calls

to each delegate with updates, etc. The contact is needed to keep them honed in on the convention. This level of contact will minimize the no-shows. Make sure the calls are not nagging, pestering calls but informative, excitement-building calls.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

All I have to say is

bring your video cameras and document everything!