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North Korea Looks to U.S. for Latest Techniques in Population Suppression

Talks Relieve Tensions Between Owners of Both Nations

In a move some say may signal improved relations between Washington and Pyongyang, North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un has met with the president of the United States Corp. Barack H Obama purportedly to discuss the latest in human herd management techniques in their respective homelands.

While mindful to refer to the U.S. leader as an imperialist aggressor mad with power, he did praise some of the surveillance and policing technology that is becoming commonplace on the streets of America.

"Traffic cameras are good. DPRK has many traffic. Smart meters and talking refrigerators are good. Free people of Korea have many food and electricity."

"But my favorite is the drones. DPRK is vast with many people speaking against the regime, far away from traffic and refrigerators. Drones can fly above to listen to them. Boy I wish I had some of those drones."

Mr. Kim then noted that the state airline could use "either an x-ray machine, or a strip-search booth, I don't care which, they're both pretty cool."

However, some critics are saying that North Korea has demonstrated its inability to use such technologies responsibly.

"The North has kept its people in a state of constant fear and paranoia for over 60 years using tried and true methods like death squads and prison camps. They've never even pretended to be an open society." notes Heimlich Beetlestomper, Dir. of Intl Affairs for the Shuttleworth Institute.

"Only a formerly free nation like the U.S. can use such spying and surveillance technology responsibly."

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Old thread from last year.

And it isn't even funny...

even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas

called it.

seven months early...

even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas

The authoritarian governments that suppress their people.....

....have so much in common! What a way to improve relations with our neighbors to the north ( of South Korea ). A good dictator can appreciate a totalitarian-bent frenemy.

The frenemy of my frenemy...

...is my frenemy....

even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas

Since the supposed QUOTES of Kim Jong un are written with a

sarcastic tone, I think it is safe to suggest that this is satire.

But it should clearly be identified as such.

Suggestion noted...

...and acted upon.

even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas

This is fiction but maybe not

I mean, is this real or not? Even I can't tell where the line is anymore.

even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas

Sounds like it was lifted from "The Onion"

The Onion has been surpassed

reality is now much more surreal than anything the writers of the fictional/satirical paper could conceive.

Bless them though they keep trying.

even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas