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I am an ex- Ron Paul staffer and I have created a State PAC in Maine

Hey DP, been a lurker for many years and am excited to have a reason to create an account. I was one of 3 Ron Paul Directors that helped lead the charge to victory in Maine. As you know we took 100% of National Delegates and many leadership positions within the GOP.

Myself and another staffer have created a State PAC in Maine to further the liberty movement here. It has became clear that real change will have to be done on the state level where our voices are louder and our dollar is strong.

Today we launched our website, www.DefenseofLibertyPAC.com

Please check out our site and if you can become a member or make a contribution. It would go along way to advance Liberty. We wish to make Maine a model for other states. Even 'liking' us on Facebook would be a big help! www.facebook.com/defenseoflibertypac

Thanks so much DP, the Liberty movement never ceases to amaze me and I LOVE YOU ALL


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I see that Eric Brakey will be voting for the Snowe Clone...

...Charlie Summers, for U.S. Senate, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Is the PAC going to be endorsing RINOs like Summers, or...?

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

No to RINO's

Hey Steve, no our PAC one cannot endorse Federal candidates and our PAC will only endorse and support TRUE liberty candidates. You have my word.

That's great news, David!

Thanks. Very encouraging to hear.

I assume there will be no more comments with regard to support for the Showe Clone (or other known RINOs) in any of our papers from folks associated with the PAC then either?

If the answer is, "yes"...you and/or Eric are certainly welcomed to come on the show.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

You have our gratitude and love

For all who join us become indivisible in the face of liberty, We wholeheartedly appreciate your effort, and work you put into the campaign.

Ron Paul 2012!

Good luck

and thank you for all you have done. Please know it is very much appreciated!


It's very impressive and inspirational!

Best wishes to you!!

I can say without hesitation

I can say without hesitation the reason that Ron Paul got the win that he did up here in Maine was because of the tireless effort of the two men that founded this PAC.

I am going to make a donation to this PAC, and possible become a member, I would highly encourage all liberty minded and Ron Paul supporting people to follow my example.