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The Second Amendment and minors...

The interpretation of the second amendment over the years has stayed the same, but most still consider it ridiculous for anyone under the age of 18 to own a gun of their own. It is my understanding that the language in the amendment applies to the people, and minors are people. What are your opinions? Do you think that children, regardless of age and based off interest and possibly the feeling of protection should be able to own guns? Or do you feel 18 or 21 is a good age depending on state to allow people to have guns? With proper teaching and respect for guns, the prospect of some teenagers owning guns in my mind could benefit us in some ways. Guns are not going away and most people here know that, so instead of disarming our population why don't we teach our children at a young age the purpose of guns.

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everyone has the right to

everyone has the right to defend themselves no matter what age. The problem with minors defending themselves with guns is that not every minor understands the responsibility that comes with that right. Some minors dont understand that they might not actually be in any danger some might not understand death is permanent. When dealing with minors the parent is suppose to be responsible for takin care of them (since they decided to exercise their right to procreate they have to deal with the responsibility of having that right) until they are capable of understanding the responsibilities that come along with rights. There should be an age that specifies when the parent should no longer be responsible for the child, but that age should not hinder anyone minor or not from exercising a right, it should only determine whos responsible.

Our house WAS unarmed...

...for most of my life. I was fairly young when I got a BB gun, but no true firearms. Then, two and a half years ago, my dad got a 12-gauge for his birthday (yeah, our grandma's awesome). A month after that, I expressed interest in a .22. My grandpa (other side of the family) heard, and promptly laid out several .22s that he owned and just gave me one of them. I was 15. Since then, we've obtained several more guns (including a Mosin-Nagant that is technically my dad's, but I take care of it), and I bought my own .30-30 for deer hunting at a gun show. I plan on buying an AK-47 as soon as I have the money (sadly, NOBODY is hiring), and my family is totally fine with it.

Basically, I'm a minor and I have three rifles sitting in my room, and plan on adding another. My position on the issue should be obvious. ;) Personally, I believe that as soon as kids (ESPECIALLY boys) are mature enough, they should be given the responsibility of a .22 rifle. When they're mature enough is up to the parents, however.

LOL oh man

I have convinced 5 ppl to get their gun licenses, and much more shall fall into my sphere of influence lol, I am talking to many people who support guns, look down upon guns, and want to know about guns. You really have to show them that its a person who is a threat, not the tool they are using. moreover many have begun to agree with me that we are over-reacting when we talk about people carrying guns, and we should see the weapon for what it really is, defence against an intruder, defence against an attacker, but most importantly, a weapon against the government when they decide to step out of line

The question is the same as whether tolet a minor use a nail gun

...Are they responsible enough to use it safely and appropriately?

Cars kill a lot more people than guns but we let 16 year olds drive.

Kids living on farms darn-tootin know how to use a shotgun by the time their 12.

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I agree

I agree

Historically this is the purview of the parents

and the community.

"Most still consider it ridiculous for anyone under the age of 18 to own a gun of their own." STILL? In what community?

I think I got my first rifle at 12 or 13. Before that it was a long line of BB guns, bows, arrows, slingshots, traps, fishing poles, snowshoes and just about everything else. There was a rifle range in the basement of the ELEMENTARY school. We didn't generally take and bear our rifles in town, that wasn't the social norm but we ran around the woods with them.

That used to be the norm and it's STILL is in SOME PLACES. I guess those places are getting hard to find but it's STILL up to the parent to determine when their children are prepared for this responsibility and to maintain this responsibility.

It's this idea that "kids shouldn't have guns" that is new. This is the deviation from the norm.

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I concur

My younger brother has an absurd amount of air powered and co2 powered bb guns, my neighbors all hunt he has seen many and even held some. He knows how to use it responsibly, and also knows its a measure of sport or self defense. Personally, I am not a man of guns but I know the purpose of them and how to use one if need be. It's the culture that has changed not the ability of mature teens and young adults to wield weapons responsibly. The parent should have say when it comes to keeping guns in their homes, or under their watch but I don't say that any laws should set ages for guns...it's just as absurd as the government telling you as an adult you cannot have one, because of safety risks.

Here is a reason why they should be allowed to


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This is a great example!

Thanks for sharing! If we teach the youth responsible gun control this will be the result, and a stable generation will know how to handle situations similar to this.