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Steps you can take...and the case AGAINST L4RP

If party rules were violated:

READ the Rules of the Republican Party, Rules 20, 22, and 23. FILE a challenge in the correct manner with the Committee on Contests, prior to July 27th. DOCUMENT what happened and prepare your challenge.

Yes, some of you believe this is a futile gesture sure to lose. I disagree. There are many RNC members who are not Ron Paul supporters, but they aren't Romney supporters either. If they are presented with hard logical evidence by people willing to work within the party (US) then they may rule in our favor. We also maintain the high road in regards to the PR side of this. Don't forget, if there are 30 states with legitimate challenges - and I believe there are - that has a huge impact.

If state law was violated:

PRESS CHARGES. Document the crap out of it, and file civil lawsuits as well, using local attorneys that YOU pick. Each state has different rules and laws, and what applies in one state does not necessarily apply in another. Know the Law, know the Rules, know your attorney. Violating Party Rules may or may not be legal in your state - you'll have to check.

Regarding Lawyer for Ron Paul (seems to be only the one):

There are TWO ASPECTS of this lawsuit - the CASE and the LAWYER.
CASE, PART 1 - UNBINDING DELEGATES: this may or may not be relevant, but is certainly not the most pressing issue. I believe this has been settled, and you should go see what McCain-bound Arizona delegates did in 2008 so they could vote for Romney. The RNC has ruled on this already, so it's a moot point. More important than UNBINDING is VACATING AND REPLACING improperly elected or selected delegates (my state of Oklahoma, Massachusetts, etc.). If won, this will have minimal impact at the convention with the current makeup of delegates.

CASE, PART 2 - TITLE 42 (Civil Rights Act): It will be argued by the RNC and the State Parties that this does not apply to a private group's conventions, but only to the actual primary, runoff and general election voting. They will argue that Freedom to Assemble gives the party leeway in how they conduct voting and organization of their membership. To my knowledge, THERE IS NO PRECEDENCE TO APPLY THIS LAW TO PARTY CONVENTIONS. That lack of precedence will certainly delay things tremendously. If it is won it will be after numerous appeals - and therefore way, way, way too late to win things. In caucus states, there is a better case to be made for applying this law, and I would encourage those states to investigate the issue and pursue it - individually - if they find it applies. Using attorneys from your state, filing in your federal district court.

LAWYER: First, I know of only one lawyer involved in this. His name is Richard Gilbert, and he is in California. His website (http://www.gilbertandmarlowe.com/dynamicattorneys.htm) shows education here: Western State University College of Law, Fullerton, California, 1977; Whittier College School of Law, California and Areas of Practice here: Constitutional Law; Criminal Law; Custody & Visitation; Family Law; Personal Injury – Defense; Personal Injury – Plaintiff; Toxic Torts. His LinkedIn profile (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/richard-gilbert/12/290/754) lists Western State and HARVARD. I would like to know, did he go to Harvard? If so, when did he graduate and/or attend?

There are some articles about him from the LA Times (http://articles.latimes.com/keyword/richard-c-gilbert) mainly covering a couple of things: a surrogate mother case, which the Orange County Bar Association criticized him for making “improper personal attacks” on a judge after losing a highly publicized case regarding surrogate mothers (NBCUNIVERSAL Archive for purchase, Phil Donahue Show appearance of this case, link http://www.nbcuniversalarchives.com/nbcuni/clip/5112547625_s...) and the 2.5 pound marijuana bust at his house when a silent alarm went off. I really don't care about the marijuana bust, but you can be sure the Establishment will use this against him. I would very much like to know what cases he has tried related to election law, and at what levels. I have seen no presentation that he has any experience in these matters.

The point is he will be dismissed - and I am not saying this is an ethical thing to do, just that it WILL happen - because of his personal and professional past. He will be labeled as a pot smoking personal injury attorney, and if they can dismiss HIM, it hurts his (already weak) case.

I believe this has been the wrong effort by many people who are very committed to the cause of Liberty. Many - including my friends - have been taken in by this. We have had fights, we have had arguments, and we have splintered over something that EVEN IF WON WINS NOTHING.

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While I agree with your stance that people need to stand up

and take legal action on all levels, I also think you are underestimating Gilbert, He is an attorney, I sounds like he's doing a good job and I think that we should all really, really appreciate his efforts. Are they guaranteed to win? No, but he's putting his efforts in to help Ron Paul and his delegates. I'm really grateful. I hope he hears me say this, because there hasn't been nearly enough gratitude expressed.

So, Richard Gilbert, thank you so very much. I love Ron Paul and I love my country and I know he can save this country and the people in it. Thank you for all of your time and effort. It is well appreciated! I look forward to hearing your updates!




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One of the few sensible threads on the L4RP lawsuit

Thanks, Steve. And I would also point out that there are other well-reasoned arguments elsewhere in the DP that support your approach and enumerate the dangers inherent to the L4RP approach.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Okay, so let's just follow your plan..

How many attorneys do you think, in each state, are willing or qualified to take on this case? On top of that, how much money do you think each case will cost the complainant? How much do you think Richard Gilbert, Esq. is charging? Oh, you don't know? He's not charging and the filing fees are coming?== out of his own pocket!

I needed protection from some pretty ugly people in Austin, Texas, last week (and in regard to the vote-flipping and other problems that occurred in Austin). I had signed on to the case, as a witness and.or plaintiff; for whatever my testimony would be most beneficial. As such, Richard Gilbert was contacted, and IMMEDIATELY drafted and sent a letter to the County Clerk (who had phoned me to be very nasty), advising her that such form of intimidation is illegal.

Whose attorney is going to get on the case so quickly and efficiently? How much would I have to pay that attorney? Once again, you prove (Steve). you don't know what you're talking about.
AS such, this post should probably be ignored... and this is what i will do with any of your future or past posts.

Are YOU willing to put up the cash for anyone who's been defrauded or disenfranchised to hire a legal team and get themselves protected and their voted righted? Right.. Why do people stick their noses into business that is really not theirs?

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

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Did you read my post?

I'm not recommending people file lawsuits. I am saying that the lawsuit Gilbert is filing won't work. I am pointing this out with logic and reason.

Do you seriously think there are not attorneys capable of taking your case in Texas? So you got a lawyer from California - is he even a member of the bar in your state? I'm sure that Court Clerk is worried. If you have been threatened illegally, go to your District Attorney. File charges with the police. Stand up for yourself, don't count on someone half way across the country to save you. Save yourself. Oh, and the DA and police are free to use.

Apparently you have missed the part where I have put my name and money on the line for this cause. Go to www.okliberty.com for more information including how to contact our legal team. Feel free to donate to our legal defense fund - and no, I receive no benefit from it or my actions, beyond a lighter wallet and a whole pile of mad local GOP insiders I have challenged.

Find the people in Nebraska!!

Dodge County there's a man commenting on Suriyahfish's video that claims he has video and legal paperwork sent to the credential ing committee. Also buffalo county and Gabriel county delegates were railroaded for GOP picks ... Nebraska could have a re-election of its delegates just like Oregon might have to do!!

Oath of Freedom
for the True north, strong & free!

And yet people came here and posted that all was cool

and that there was "absolutely" no fraud.

First, I congraulate you for

First, I congraulate you for not appearing anonymously. I respect that. I do note that had you adhered to a minimum journalistic standard of at least attempting to interview me before writing this piece it may not be filled with a plethora of false statements.
You do not seem to know the difference between a letter to the editor which is not fact checked by the LA Times or any other news outlet and a news article. What you represent as a news article is merely a letter to the editor which bears no more truth than many of the anonymous scribes here on the Daily Paul which, like your piece, is based on internet citations rather than fact.
There never was any pot bust of 2.5 pounds at my residence. Perhaps if you did bother to interview me you could have verified it. The case was dropped. You do not mention it or any reason why.
Your statements about the law are particularly problematic. You refer to a lack of precedents. I would hardly call US Supreme Court Decisions a lack of precedent. Neither would I call Federal Statutes a lack of precedent.
More than 4 million people support our Federal Case including Dr Paul, but, you did not know that either.
Your comments about appeals and years of litigation are also incorrect.
I represent more than 400 delegates who asked for my representation. Each day more and more delegates ask for my representation. I answer to the delegate Plaintiffs. I do not answer to anonymous Daily Paul bloggers. I am responding to you since you had the character to sign your name to your piece which I respect.
I do support your call that additional legal action be taken by others in various jurisdictions.
The task at hand is to get Dr Paul's name in nomination and to do all possible to win that nomination.
Wishing for magic dust will not accomplish that. Unbinding the delegates as required by Federal Law has an endless upside potential for Dr Paul. I know my response will invite anonymous responses that are not helpful to Dr Paul. That is the nature of the anonymous bloggers here.
I wish you well. I do not anticipate you will make any corrections to your baseless statements you proffer with no journalistic standards. Afterall, your mission here is to satisfy the appetite of anonymous people with no plan and no clue.
Finally, you do not even seem to know that the case is not affiliated with Lawyers for Ron Paul.
Richard Gilbert
Attorney for more than 400 Delegates

4 Million People support your case...

...and you still had to hire process servers?

I know, I know, this whole thing is a joke and it's not funny when I apply it to reality.

I hate to be the one to interrupt your fun, but don't you think it's time to let others in on the joke?

Many people have already have figured it out, but a lot of people here are taking the whole thing seriously and it's getting to a point where it isn't funny anymore.

I would have expected a hoax on this level to be ready to roll out more character development or a few plot twists. If you're not going to enhance the story, you could at least start doing video to mix things up. Think of the "millions" of YouTube viewers who are missing out. lol. Millions. lol. (Sorry, I really did lol and just had to write it twice).

Plus, the more video you use, the easier it is to turn this whole game into a movie. So, when are you going to start making videos? This thing needs a new dimension, an added element, because it's getting old fast.

Do you not comprehend fact from fiction?

You must know exactly nothing about the case to attempt to start such silliness.

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

I could see how you might think that...

...but try looking at a different way:

Maybe I've listened to hours of conference calls, read numerous newspaper articles, blog posts, and court opinions related to Gilbert and his firm, read the entire complaint (and supporting documents), Gilbert's "ex parte application to intervene," the defendant's response (tearing it to shreds by pointing out it was an improper use of the rules and probably was ment to be a motion to amend but, being reasonable, agreeing to a motion to amend if that's what Gilbert was trying to do), the court's order rejecting Gilbert's "ex parte application to intervene" (agreeing with the defendant that Gilbert's motion was improper (according to the FEDERAL!!! rules of civil procedure)), defendant's motion to dismiss with attached (amusing) correspondence between Gilbert and the RNC's lawyer, the memo supporting the motion to dismiss (an interesting read, btw), other related court documents, a couple of Gilbert's nastygrams, his posts here, and many (but heaven forbid all) of his tweets.

And then Maybe, after conducting such due diligence, I've come to the conclusion that the fictional character of Richard C. Gilbert, Esq. (who is based on the person by the same name) and his legal strategy are so flawed that they bring new meaning to the phrase "legal fiction."

I don't believe for a moment that Gilbert thinks he will win this case. But that's OK with him because that isn't the point of his involvement. He even drops clues in an ironical why when he refers to the "mythology" of his detractors. It's a clever deception, like a character in a dream who is able to convince you that you're awake and dreaming when you wake up.

Admit it, haven't you sometimes wondered to yourself if this guy is playing you like Sacha Baron Cohen?

Wake up people! This is performance art!

Not sure what I'm talking about? Here's an example:


Enjoy it for what it is but please don't let it go so far as to damage the Liberty Movement.


At this stage, normally I'd say, "Yeah, haha" and laugh it off, but after reading the lawyer's flubs and the twitter feed... my god the twitter feed... I don't even know anymore.

So we have to come down on one side of the other. Either brazenly incompetent or a fraud playing a joke of some kind.

Eric Hoffer


Someone really needs to stop you from burying yourself further on Twitter.

Just stop man.

Eric Hoffer

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Mr. Gilbert:

Thank you for your response. I also appreciate your suggestion that if I would have interviewed you, the articles in the LA Times could have been explained. My point was that anyone - even a regular guy like me from halfway across the country - can search you and find these things. While it is certainly important for the truth to be told, and I personally think the things referenced don't matter when it comes to your competence or professionalism, they will be used against your credibility by those wishing to discredit you publicly. This was the point I was trying to make, so the fault is mine for not conveying my intent - perhaps I need to work on my writing skills.

Regarding the law, I would very much like to see an instance where the Supreme Court has ruled and established a precedence for this law to be applied as you are trying to do. I would also like to see where it has ever been applied like you're trying to do. Finally, to believe that a federal case such as this will be moving with any speed through the system is just not realistic.

I don't really care if 4 million people and 400 delegates support your case - that is irrelevant (although how you arrive at those numbers would be interesting in an anecdotal way). Only one person supporting it with the law on their side is sufficient for me. This is where we differ, however - I don't believe the law is on your side in Primary states. As I have said in other places, it may apply in Caucus states, but that has never been adjudicated - that I am aware of. Please give me a case where Title 42 has been applied to political party conventions, anywhere, in any court. That would be the sort of proof I am looking for, and the thing that I think all of those who don't support you seek.

On the matter of bound or unbound delegates, I consider this to be a moot point. Several reasons why - the RNC does not recognize binding, the Convention itself can invalidate any binding via Rule prior to all votes but Credentials, and state law in one state does not apply in another.

Finally, your comment that you are not affiliated with Lawyers for Ron Paul is the first I have heard of it. Thank you for clearing that up.

Steve Dickson

Thank you, Steve

... for a very thoughtful and well-reasoned analysis of this situation and our options.
It seems that many of the comments are ignoring the points you have made.
Too bad.

The Virtual Conspiracy



Steve Didcson

There are millions that are behind this lawsuit - That feel this is the appropriate course to take considering the Blatant Federal Election Fraud that the RNC/GOP and rombama have been committing from the onset. Everything has been documented, notarized, and filed.
So you OPINION doesn't mean shit unless you can step up to the plate and stand with the American Citizens that are being frauded out of a just and fair election process.
Every phase of this election falls under Federal Election Laws because it is an election that places the POTUS.
Get you facts straight before you start spouting shit.


Millions involved now! Millions I say!

Eric Hoffer

Well considering using Doug Weads reference that we are well

over 30% of the GOP voting block what does that translate too?
15-17 million?

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Voting block?

LOL if we were 30% of the entire voting bloc, we wouldn't DESTROYED this primary and caucus season. Wouldn't even have been a chance of a contest.

Eric Hoffer

Take it up with Wead he's the one that posted the video saying

it on his blog. Whats the matter didn't you catch the fraud starting in Iowa that is still going on? Every State EricHoffer and thats part of why Paul didn't bother much with the beauty contest States.

You miss the caucus in Nevada where Vegas is? The one that was televised counting the votes where Paul swept it and in a lot of the other ones he flat out got dusted unlike in 2008 in the outlying counties. It was reversed and honest because it was televised and they had a public count with no backroom bullshit.People like you sicken me. I see your comments.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Oh jeez

Take some pepto and man up if you're feeling sickened.

Hard truth: Primaries get won by the news cycle. Paul got crap for television exposure because no one running the news cycle wants him to win.

What about Iowa? You mean where we took over nearly the entire GOP? You mean where we were the most organized we've ever been and where we had the highest degree of participation, not to mention where we spent the most money?

Nevada? Absolutely funny business. I don't disagree there at all. How do you think a lawsuit not filed in Nevada helps? If there's fraud, for the love of god pursue it in the right place!!

You don't seem to understand how slow moving and dumb most people are. You're giving way too much credit to generations of people that actually believe people like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity are patriots.

I'm glad you see my comments. Sorry, but sugar coating this isn't going to help any.

Do the work. Get involved. Attend your county and precinct GOP meetings.

Eric Hoffer

Steve Dickson's picture

You obviously didn't read my post.

It doesn't matter how many people support this "lawsuit" if it is factually or legally faulty. You also must have missed the part about me taking action in a way that can actually help Ron Paul. Perhaps you might want to reconsider what you're saying - I have stepped up to the proper "plate". This lawsuit is in the wrong stadium.

And Considering the "Jargon"

..Coming fromrom "PeoplePower";
...for lack of a better word, along with the absence of punctuation points to a hurriedly-concocted, hate-filled reply;
The profanity-laced-emotionally-charged-rhetoric of the above L4RP shill, clearly demonstrates :
1- A lack of critical thought process
2- Utilization of a "kill the messenger tactic" that defies all logic.

Those who'd ignore your sane,sober advice will eventually suffer the consequences of past regrets, having realized they were merely manipulated by the "Lawyer" for RP, a desperate caricature who feeds as a leech does:

On the life-blood of those he is introduced to.

When they wake up it will be too late.

Thanks Steve for a truly informative post.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

this is what will destroy the movement!

You guys are so busy chasing down people with in our own movement instead of shutting the hell up that you are causing this to fail. We are so damn busy fighting among our selves that if Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination than no one is to blame but us! Grow up people!
I'll make you a deal Mr. Steve Dickson, you find us an attorney that is willing to file a lawsuit on our behalf for free, and we will leave Richard Gilberts lawsuit. You can't, can you! So stop provoking this infighting, who the hell are you working for the RNC, GOP, or Romney Campaign? Because it sure seems like it to me. We have enough problems fighting people that don't believe in Ron Paul's message, you have to provoke a fight among ourselves? Stop People, you are all acting like God damn Romney and Obama supporters.

Teri Whittlinger

Steve Dickson's picture

I am fighting a fraud and a con

I consider this lawsuit an intentional effort to direct the energies away from productive action, into something that will hurt the Liberty Movement, not help it. READ WHAT I WROTE.

Find your own attorney. Better yet, file a Challenge like I posted, and you don't NEED an attorney for that, you just have to read the rules. Who says you have to use an attorney? Who says you can't do this on your own? Stop whining, and get busy with something that will help Ron Paul, not hurt him, his cause, and his reputation.

I am working for me. I helped fire the "official" campaign director for Oklahoma because of his incompetence. Before that we worked around him - and by we I mean the grassroots Ron Paul leaders here. I am a Precinct Chairman, a Delegate to my County, District and State Conventions, and now a Delegate to the National Convention. I ran for that office at the request of hundreds of Ron Paul supporters. Go watch the videos if you don't believe me. I missed my daughter's third birthday because I was at the mic - for roughly 9 hours straight - fighting for our delegates at our state convention. It's where the Parking Lot Patriots were born - I was one of two floor leaders of the debate "inside". Video of that too - go watch it. You will see me in Tampa continuing to fight - starting with following my own advice, listed above.

Any questions about who I am?

Can tell you something for sure:

Just a few days ago, when Anne Beckett was frightened for her life, when the Travis County Board of Elections threatened her with criminal charges, who came to the rescue?

It was exclusively the people behind LFRP and, particularly, Mr. R. Gilbert.

She was so nervous after receiving the call, where she was told that there would be specifically criminal charges against her and that "no one, neither Democrats nor Republicans, wanted her as a judge," that she was shaking, with palpitations.

People from LFRP asked attorney Gilbert to intercede.

Mr. Gilbert wrote a letter, which greatly eased her pain and, apparently, halted the intimidation. Make no mistake about it, the Board was attempting to intimidate this RP supporter.

That's the behavior of a hero for our movement, not the f____ word, that you use against this person and the action. And to call such a person other names that is helping our people? What is your basis?

The man truly came to her aid, and didn't charge her a dime. No one else would help her.

A man who is practising for 33 years? Since when do people go around freely calling licenced professionals frauds and cons? Where is the proof that he defrauded anyone?

Quote ...

"It was exclusively the people behind LFRP and, particularly, Mr. R. Gilbert."

So in order to jive this with his response above ...

"Dick" Gilbert is "behind" the LFRP, but is not "a" LFRP.

Got it.

Do we also need to define what the definition of "is" is?

I find it interesting that justification can only be made thru anecdotal evidence. That is usually how politicians do it. If you really want to maximize the effect put Ms Beckett in a wheel chair and post a youtube video of her personal testimony.

Carry on.

Well ...

If you can post here ...

A definition of "anecdotal" ...

that throws egg on my face ...

Not only will I apologize ...

But I will shovel up this dead crow that I am staring at in the road, in front of my house, and prepare dinner.

I wish you nothing but success.


It may be more useful to clarify the definition of "behind"

Is it just me or do people wonder ....

what the hell is this?

"Behind" what?

What kind of conversations occurred for this whole LFRP to get people "behind" this thing?

Personally, I would have ignored the whole topic if not for two things:

1. They were "taking over" the campaign.
2. Half the topics on the front page were about LFRP.

This whole thing stinks.

They want the attention without the transparency and disclosure.

I usually call that a "ten ... million ... mother-in-law". (TMM for short).

I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

I wouldn't touch it in a million years.

I wouldn't even let my mother-in-law touch it.

Add the fact that they are closely tied to RonPaulTribune and LibertyChat and then add that to the fact that they trash the campaign uniformly and particularly Ron Paul's relatives affiliated with the campaign.

Add that to the fact that they are tied to Dr. Steve Parent (who I really liked and I thought tried to capitalize on this movement in the right way back in 2008 but was a man of questionable character).

Add that to the fact that all these fellows are the ones behind the now defunct PaulFest in Tampa.

Add that to the fact that most of the supporters of this whole thing are also supporters of the sellers of hate such as Alex Jones and Adam Kokesh.

I am completely at a loss for what the hell is going on.

God Bless.

I did not..

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

Eric Hoffer

Thanks for signing up 2 hours ago,

just to come in here and shill for the lawyer!

Bravo! Excellent performance.

BTW, Steve Dickson has his own action going on in Oklahoma, and his is actually likely to have some beneficial effect!


I agree. Focus on getting Ron Paul nominated for Goodness sake.

Where were you when we were begging for someone to sue the GOP?

I find it hysterically funny that everyone now thinks that we ought to go to court and fight for our legal rights this election season when nobody had the balls to do it but Richard Gilbert and a few who devised a plan to do so.

We have been screaming since January for those of you in the States to get up off your butts and do it. A few are beginning and this needs to continue if we are ever going to stop this election rape.

All you are saying is:

I didn't understand the rules about how our political party system works, and why I didn't go further than just being a qualified delegate, but also credentialed; furthermore, I had no idea our county and state had laws in place for us to take those who broke their own laws to our own courts. So we jumped on the first thing that looked like we might get justice, not caring that it was employing ethics against Ron Paul's own message, as he says, the federal judges are a problem because they work for the government, not the people, and a policed state is not what we the people want to live under.

Personal injury attorneys are listed in your phone book. If someone physically touched you, sue them in your own court for damages.

This lawsuit protects the guys who broke the rules by not naming them but instead, someone to repressent them in general. It does not promise you any damages. All it does it say a federal judge will dictate to unbind when the GOP says the delegates are unbound, and federal marshalls will occupy the event.

I agree

Awesome Post Grang!

Why in hell people want FEDERAL Marshalls on the convention floor is beyond me, I mean, the Feds and thier Gestapo are our Friends arnt they?

Also wouldnt it be a GREAT way to piss of every other Republican, and make sure they dont vote for Paul?


Granger, I know I've disagreed with you on stuff in the past, but that was really well put.

Eric Hoffer

I'm confused by the whole thing

I'm not confused about what I think about some people pushing the lawsuit. Vicious and ignorant personal attacks have come my way from a few of these folks.

Yet, I know people that I trust who are closely involved with the lawsuit.

One guy owes me an apology...


Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

Delegates from Mass. Oppose Legal Action to unbind delegates

Seems they are trying to distance themselves from the lawsuit as well.


The most important thing

is to get as many delegates seated as possible, state slates that were defrauded should file complaints, or sue if there is some possiblity of success. Unfortunately, this is not what the Lawyer(s) case is about. That case is asking the court a question: do the federal laws unbinding delegates take precedence over state rules. This is a very dangerous question to ask before Tampa. It is dangerous because it is already legal for a delegate to vote their conscience, and we would lose everything if it becomes illegal to do so (if the judge decides in favor of the state rules).

With the only assisstance appearing to be comming from the L4RP

and the Campaign appears to be doing absolutely nothing in reference to helping the delegates, truly where do we go from here and what is our next logical step as a group. Granted, Richard Gilbert may not be your first or even perhaps second or third choice, but it's not like there are dozens of other legal services out there willing to offer there services Pro Bono in defense of Liberty. There are now less than 45 days left to file an in junction if another one is going to be filed, for time is truly of the essence.L4RP are currently in the process and to attempt to stop them now would not be of benefit to Dr. Paul's campaign but only detrimental toward his campaign at this late point in time. This legal process should have been initiated per the Campaign themselves 8 or 9 months ago. I agree with your comments stated in the aforementioned Steve, however, what is your response to our time limitations leading up to the Convention in Tampa.

Steve Dickson's picture

File a complaint if you do nothing else!

If your state broke the rules, filing a complaint forces the convention to deal with it on Monday. It also removes that state from all committees (read Rule 21B). Think about that for a while.

IF the State broke the rules...where have you been Steve Dickson

You say IF the state broke the rules, hummm does breaking someone's fingers count as a broken rule? You obviously are just trying to give another opinion here and maybe you just wanna hurt our delegates. Hummmm Pretend that you are not sure about broken rules, writing to help stir things up on DP. Yeppp time to go back to the RNC or Romney camp and ask what else you could do for them..


You obviously have no idea who Steve is or what he's accomplished in his state.

Suggestion: Shut your mouth and keep your opinions to yourself if you're not going to read or listen.

Just frightening the levels of ignorance here.

Eric Hoffer

Steve Dickson's picture

Please be specific before hurling accusations

The fingers were in Louisiana. If you are in that state, then you should file legal action - criminal and civil - against the guilty. Not all states have actionable rule or law violations. To file in those states becomes frivolous, and hurts the strength of legitimate complaints.

Did you even read what he wrote?


God Bless YOU


I'm with YOU 100%!!!!!