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RT Video: US may put Assange to death if EXTRADITED - Senior NSA official

RT Video - US may put Assange to death if EXTRADITED - Senior NSA official

If America gets its hands on the WikiLeaks founder, they may go as far as execute him, a known National Security Agency whistleblower Thomas Andrews Drake told RT, adding that in the US, security has become a state religion.

An expert on electronic eavesdropping, Drake sacrificed his career to blow the whistle on perceived wrongdoings within the NSA. He was charged under the Espionage Act, though the charges were dropped only last year.

He told RT that in America’s ‘soft tyranny’, everyone is subject or suspect in terms of surveillance.

RT: What was the potential harm of the program that you challenged while working with the NSA?

Thomas Drake: There was a very large flagship program called Trailblazer that was designed to catapult the NSA into the twenty first century to deal with the vast amounts of data generated by the digital age. Given the massive fraud and abuse that the NSA had created with the Trailblazer program, as well as the super secret surveillance program, the NSA completely violated the Constitution and the Fourth Amendment. In particular, the stature called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which was the first commandment at the NSA: you did violate Americans’ privacy without a warning, and if you did – there is a criminal penalty for doing so. And I found this out to my horror and shock, that shortly after 9/11, the NSA entered a secret agreement with the White House in which the NSA would become the executive agent for this secret surveillance program.

Read more: http://www.rt.com/news/america-surveillance-society-drake-697/

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Funny thing is, apparently he

Funny thing is, apparently he hasn't broken any US law and not being American he shouldn't be under the obligation to keep US laws anyway:


not sure if anybody remembers....

but there is a file that Assange put out there a few years ago called "insurance". This file is encrypted with 1024 bit encryption that cannot be broken without a 256 character password. He created this file and said that sources he had would release the password if he were ever killed.

One can only imagine what kind of information is within. The file is widespread and worldwide at this point and as I remember is around 1GB (pretty big for text documents)

If they do, that will be the tripwire...

Remember the storming of the Bastille began the French Revolution.

I disagree. The American

I disagree. The American people in general don't mind their rights being violated or whistle blowers being executed as long as their side is doing it. Both sides are doing it. Therefore it's a non issue to most.

Sadly I agree. They could

Sadly I agree. They could actually announce that they're suspending the constitution and there will be no more elections and the American people still wouldn't care about anything unless they cancelled dancing with the stars or something.

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Excellent excellent video. Mods, this

deserves Front Page.

Good interview,

thanks for posting, the depth of America's loss of freedom by traitors/destroyers from within is getting more and more obvious.