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Do You Care About Food Freedom? Government Raids Small Farms. These Lawyers Are Here To Help! http:/www.farmtoconsumer.org/

The Farm To Consumer Legal Defense is an offshoot of the Weston A Price Foundation. They help farmers & people wanting the freedom to choose good food for themselves & their families.

Help for farms being raided by government & consumers wanting the freedom to choose their own food.

Weston A Price Foundation

This is a fascinating story of a doctor (Weston Price) who studied the most healthy cultures in the world (usually tribes) & what they ate. His findings are amazing. The website is dedicated to teaching people about foods right in their area that healthy peoples have been consuming (nutrient dense, beyond organic foods) for thousands of years. This is not a fad diet, (it is not a diet per se) it is a way of life. One which produces proven results of health & vitality. The Weston Price Foundation has local chapters all over the US & abroad. Check out their website for a chapter in your area. Most likely those in the chapters you find will be Ron Paul supporters.

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