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Motel Reservation Available!

I have a motel reservation available from Thursday night to Sunday night near the Tampa Fairgroungs & Tampa Dome. It's a nice motel.

We are NOT delegates but are not going to be able to go!

So, we want a RP'r to get this reservation, but we need to find a way to verify it, so that no Romney-ite or GOP-ite gets it. Let us know how to do this, and the reservation will be yours.

These reservations are really hard to get, as you all know, right now, so let me know!! :)

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I tweeted it

and changed title to : TAMPA Motel Reservation Available!

I hope y'all aren't delegates!


No, not delegates!

Pass the word around to others, will you? This is already getting buried, and I want someone to have this reservation that ISN'T a Romney or GOP operative.

I am waiting to cancel this, when I have someone verifiable that I can give the reservation to.

Im strongly considering

Im strongly considering going, but can't confirm yet. Need a few days to iron out plans.

I can wait a few days~~

that's no problem. We just want to give someone a chance to get a nice room. I'll check the price today and post it, but I think it was about $100/night or less.