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"Busted! Arpaio Team Find the Man who Forged Obama BC!

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Kind of hard to bash The Globe considering all the

propaganda we have been fed over the past 30 years by all the "legit" media outlets. I don't beleive anything I read anymore no matter where I read it...until I take the time to do some background research on my own.

I have always been one of those people who dispised the National Enquirer and other sensationalist rags like it, but, as another person mentioned...when was the last time a story (of any meaning...not like a 200lb baby from mars) that was broken by one of the gossip rags turned out to be totally false? Tiger Woods banging a dozen chicks, check. John Edwards hiding an affair, check. 9/11 hijackers staying in south florida and going to strip clubs, check.

Considering the track record of the MSM...I have to laugh when someone calls out ANY publication for not being truthful. At least most people know from the start that The Globe sensationalizes and exagerates stories. A very large portion of the public still thinks all the other crap they watch is real and truthful. In my view it's worse to pretend that you are all about the truth when lying to people than it is to stretch the truth in an magazine that everyone knows has a questionable reputation and must be taken with a grain of salt...or 2.

According to the key players

According to the key players in the ongoing investigations, the Globe has been accurate and has kept faithful to their quotes and information. The Globe has been the only publication willing to report the story and they've actually been given scoops on it by Corsi, Zullo, Arpaio, et al. All of these key players are on my FB friends list and I've asked them to verify the reporting in the Globe stories.

Blessings )o(

Dreams from my Real Father

... just 9 short days until this documentary is out:


The question is not where but who fathered the current president. We've had little tid bits and crumbs about Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, rumors his family were CIA operatives, clues at the Annenburg Foundation, and so forth but none put the dots together like Joel Gilbert. Congratulations, to Joel for he put together what appears to be a fairly accurate true history of the president. When you put the whole picture together it has more plot twists than a Hollywood movie. For crying out loud Obama had his nose widened through plastic surgery just so he could connect with inner city blacks! I thought Hitlery was bad about trying to artificially connect with her constituents by faking a southern accent but Barry took it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! No wonder they hid the birth certificate! His baby dad is a known Soviet Agent and Communist propagandist on the CIA watch list!

- advance review by StevenJ

I could care less where this info came from..

No matter WHO prints the TRUTH it should not matter..would it be a better source of news if it came out of the USA TODAY? or any one else in the MSM?? The FACTS are the FACTS. Obama is and always has been a FAKE! But watch and see what happens when the RACE CARD is played..the Blacks and Half Blacks will be ripping up the cities screaming this is being done because he's Black or half black..just refer to Obama as a Half Black Man and watch what happens when you speak the truth..you are now a RACIST. Obama is THEEE WORST thing to happen to America in my 51 years..the "After Shocks" that will rock our country will be mind blowing..can you say Marshall Law ?
I P-R-A-Y that the shet hits the fan..only way to wake up so many sheep...Arpaio deserves a cold beer and a Thata Boy!! July 17th cant come quick enough for me..lets get the party started!

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Noteworthy distiction

In his press conferences, Sheriff Joe gets very upset when audience members use language similar to what's in many of the comments here. He is not proving that "Obama is a fraud" or even that Obama has committed fraud. They are out to prove that the digital long-form birth certificate at the White House website is a fraudulent document.

If proven true, he will then demand that Obama produces authenticated proof of his citizenship or he will be removed from the election ballots in Sheriff Joe's county.

Yes, of course this could set of a chain of events and have more serious implications. I'm trying to help some here tighten up their language.

As for the Globe, well, they're owned by the same people who own the MSM, and I'm sure it was their strategy to release the story only in the Globe as a way to discredit it.

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I am sorry but

If Obama allowed a knowingly fraudulent document to be posted on the whitehouse website to intentionally hide the fact that he did not have a legitimate birth certificate showing he was in fact born in Hawaii, then that constitutes fraud and is a criminal offense. If this was a strategy by the MSM to discredit the story, then the Lead Invesitgator was part of this strategy because he agreed to do the interview, which makes no sense at all. I'm not really sure why you are trying to downplay the significance of this event. If the document provided by Obama is a provable forgery, then he also is a fraud and criminal and this fact will be everything needed to get him removed from office once and for all.

My understanding of the case

My understanding of the case was that Sheriff Arpaio wanted to prove the birth certificate's legitimacy to 'shut up the birthers'. He didn't expect to find any actual evidence to discredit Barry.

Would be nice

if this culminated AFTER Ron Paul wins the GOP nomination. Don't want to embolden any Romney supporters, after all!


GLOBE!!!!! BWAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! time to check the hot sheets (MIB reference lol)

I have all the key

I have all the key investigators, Sheriff Joe, Corsi et al as my Facebook friends. I've asked them about the Globe stories and they've told me in response that the Globe has reported accurately about their findings and have quoted them accurately as well. That in fact the Globe has been the only media willing to report the story without any spin. So, it may seem odd but apparently the Globe is the only one with the nuts to report and the only ones to get their facts straight.

Blessings )o(

Love the reference....

...Although, even a blind squirrel finds and acorn every now and again. I recall the Enquirer was the paper to break the John Edwards baby mama scandal. Sometimes, they just get info sooner. I expected Arpaio's office to be making an announcement, and I assumed this was it. I even say the story in the Globe, but completely ignored the headline because I don't read or believe the GLobe, even though I was expecting this story to come out, I simply didn't even think about it just because it was the Globe reporting it. HOwever, Arpaio will come out with it soon. I don't know how I feel about it anyway. I don't want Romney to get elected for free, and have 8 years of shit.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

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i agree that the

Globe is usually not the most reliable source of information, but considering the fact that the state controls much of the media out there, this is probably one of the few national outlets that would actually agree to report it. The globe specifically quotes the Lead Investigator, Mike Zulo, as the source of the information (the statement that they did in fact find the source of the forged document), and if the Globe was making this up and using Zulo's name, they would be opening themselves up to a major lawsuit. In addition, if it was something that they were just throwing out there, they would have used the typical "a source close to the investigation" or "an annonymous source", which they did not and actually report the name of the person they got the info. from. Just saying....

i would keep up with

what jerome corsi is writing on this subject , not something from the front page of the GLOBE?


he writes for WND and has been on the jones show many times about this subject , They'll get him in the end just how many open minded people will listen ? and who will report it ?

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Please consider the source of

Please consider the source of this little gem. The Boston Globe isn't exactly in the top 10 reputable publications.

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Not the Boston Globe

The Globe is a supermarket tabloid. Are you located in the USA?

Come stronger

than the shoot the messenger stuff.

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I suppose he could charge this person with fraud in his county.

Where that would lead, ?

If it gets national media traction, would be bad for OBarry. Big if.

Undo what Wilson did

It will be very interesting

It will be very interesting if something happens.

However, there are two major hurtles to over-come: Actually prove this once and for all(probably going to need someone to come out and testify); and then actually get something done about it.

If something gets started with actual proof, that would probably be enough to smack most people into reality and turn this country around.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

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If Arapaio can prove

the the imposter in the white house, is in fact an imposter and committed numerous crimes in trying to conceal the truth, then that would effectively invalidate all of the unconstitutional laws he signed into law...Obamacare, NDAA and numerous others. Let's hope that this is the big announcement Sheriff Arapaio has on the 17th!

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He can't prove all that...I think he's smart.

He's going with what evidence he has discovered. He believes he has a specific case of fraud committed within his jurisdiction. He can't make inferences beyond that. Let those inferences be made by others.

Undo what Wilson did

An entertaining distraction

If Obama is proved to be a fraud, then I hope it bursts the bubble of all his supplicants and worshipers, and leads them to question all of their other collectivist beliefs.

On the other hand, it will only embolden the two-faced, hypocrite, crony-corporatist collectivists who pull the stings in the Republican party.

Obama's unmasking and humiliation is a fun spectator event, but at best it is only a distraction from the more important business of setting the brush fires of freedom in the minds of men (and women).

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I think that proving

beyond a reasonable doubt that Obama is a lying usurper and having him removed from office is a little bit more than a small distraction. It would be the biggest political upset to occur in at least the last 100 years and send a message to these people that the American people are not going to sit by while they make a complete mockery of the highest office in the land. I think it would be a huge victory against TPTB as well as reaffirm the fact they can not just disregard the natural born requirement for POTUS in the U.S. Constitution. Any victory for the Constitution is a big victory in my book!

Sure as heck would make the history books....in

other countries!