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MSNBC: Ron Paul's Last Stand

Nebraska Republicans will select delegates on Saturday to send to the national Republican convention, a process that could amount to Ron Paul's last stand as a presidential candidate.

If Paul wins a plurality of delegates in Nebraska this weekend, his name will be put forth as a nominee versus Mitt Romney in Tampa. If his team can't secure enough delegates on Saturday, his longshot bid for the Republican presidential nomination is formally dead.


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LIES -- Rachel Maddow is NOT your pal

Lies Lies Lies

Ron Paul has way over the 5 states needed already.

Some people are "worried" about Nebraska because they believe the lies MSNBC Maddow & ilk are spreading about him having "only 4 states." It's utter BS.

They're saying his campaign will be officially "dead" after Nevada.

This was Rachel Maddow's agenda when she started that disinformation. Did people really think she was being nice mentioning Ron Paul?

That article is straight from the Maddow MSNBC camp.
Refute this lie. The GOP will do whatever it needs to do to discredit Nebraska & make people think that was his failed 5th state...

I don't know about the rest of you but I will never quit.

If Ron Paul concedes the real revolution will start. I just spent 3 months traveling and I do not intend to give up any of this country to the criminal banking cartel.

Of course, it has to, one way or another..

a civil disobedient revolution or a violent one, a free for all, where no one wins..Everyone loses and the great american experiment is destroyed..

In the book, "George Washington's vision and prophesy for america, an angel appeared and showing him all the wars that would follow and the last one, war in america was so horrible, the countryside was on fire from coast to coast. The story ends where the americans fought back and with the help of providence, we got our country restored.

**George Washington's vision and prophesy for America by Dr. John Grady**

** I bought over 450 copies of this little booklet back in 1992 and handed them out to all my bosses and co-workers. They were only about .50 a piece in those days..They all loved the front cover.. (Washington kneeling down to pray.) The vision according to G. Washington occured in the cold cruel winter of 1777..**

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Plurality question...

So these are the states I beleive he won the pluraity in:


I always heard he has to have a plurality in 5 states. Is it in writing somewhere that is has to be a plurality in only undound states?

Truth Be Told

He probably wons all the states.


My God

even till the end they still want to spread this smear on RP?, I can't believe there are people who wake up in the morning and purposefully look forward to writing lies about a good man who wants to do something for the country.

I bet anything Ron Paul has won the RNC, I can't wait for us to give them the middle finger once he's won, there is no doubt that the future is ours, no matter what happends


Why are we allowing MSNBC to persuade our conversations here on DP?


We need you now... We need you to be our rally cry for the nation to hear....

A strong showing in Nebraska( win or lose) will be the best way to prove to them that it is not a fad.

It will show them we are not going to go quietly...

Nebraska, show them we are still full of fight.

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies"......

President Paul will not have "A last stand"

...until the day he dies. Freedom and Liberty will not end because the MSM or anyone else says it's over.

Check the language here!

MSNBC. Is Rachel and her staff the only ones doing any research here? Love their use of plurality...totally obvious they don't know what that is...but their use of "beauty contest", that's lifted right from our script. So we're officially buzzword generators.

Let's start using certain nonsense words on different days and let them go nuts trying to figure out what they mean.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Louisiana can not be counted in the Ron Paul "win" column yet!

I am an Alternate Delegate on the Ron Paul Slate that has been challenged with an "Competing Slate" provided by the LAGOP establishment. This has not yet been resolved and will not be perhaps until we get to Tampa. There is talk of a July 28th deadline for deciding this issue BUT I don't put much faith in that happening.

To count Louisiana in one of the five states for Ron Paul is a bit premature.

Am I missing something?

Ron Paul will be our Leader no matter what.

But we NEED him as our President too.

It would be nice if

the writers of these articles understood the difference between a plurality and a majority...

Go Delegates! Get that majority!

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Every Ron Paul supporter in NE will be there after reading this.

Talk about energizing the base, we could not have asked for a better way to get the word out. Plus, not a penny of campaign funds was spent. This is a win-win for us, and a lose-lose for them!

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why do they keep saying this is his last chance?

He does have more than 5 states already....

I'm confused about that, too

yeah, that's the part I really don't get, wasn't Maddow or some other talk/news show also discussing how he had the 5 states and was going to the convention? I'm confused, or is it because the GOP stole his delegates with their underhanded dealings and took away part of his winnings? In which case, I wouldn't understand why people would be going along with the idea that he has under 5. Though perhaps I'm misunderstanding something.

Over The Day He Announced

On that fateful day Dr. Paul decided to run (again) as a GOP (Get Out, Paul) candidate for President, it was over. For many, Tampa is a pipe dream that will become a nightmare when the deadly Kool-Aid's effects finally begin to wear off.

Find another revolution...a real one next time.

Be seeing you.

You remind me...

.. of the guys here in town standing next to a hot crap table. Numbers are flying, people are screaming, and tons of money is being won by the players, and you're standing there with your meager handful of chips waiting for the table to get hot. These guys are all over LAs Vegas. They don't have the balls to gamble.

The revolution is being fought all around you while you sit there in your ivory tower rolling judgemental spitballs at the rest of us down in the fight.

Are you going to Tampa? Are you a delegate putting your ass on the line? Are you a member of your local party organization or state committees? Are you maxed out your contributions to the campaign?

No? Then STFU.

Trolls are only an indication that we are winning


We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

We'll take the bastille 2.0

We'll take the bastille 2.0 in nebraska this weekend. Viva la r3volucion!

I have to ask

didn't Ron Paul already win the plularity in over 5 states??

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

Romney is the fall guy for Obama - nada

another blithering idiot corporate stooge...Obama wins BIG!

I think so too

There is some definite reason behind that conclusion. If he does pull off the win, because of the backlash against O, absolutely nothing will change.

"But it's time to be good

"But it's time to be good sports and get behind Governor Romney.”

Really? What a jackass.

i thought iowa was paul's last stand? maine?


It ain't over till it's over

MSNBC is wholly pwned by TPTB. This is another lame attempt to shoot down Dr. Paul. If he doesn't get Nebraska, he's really and truly done? Really really really truly truly truly this time? Not.

Shooting down Ron Paul's candidacy is like trying to exterminate Inspector Clouseau or 007. Good luck with that.

Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul!

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.