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Inside Job- not wacko, lots and lots of evidence.

And I think Dr. Paul knows it too. Anyone who does any research... Wait ... Any person who just looks at the videos of molten metal ( spaying out right before collapse, found I the rubble, and theromo-confirmed by NASA, ought to at least wonder what melted all that structural steel?

And then there are the hundreds of witnesses who heard several exposions other than the planes.

And the delayed sabotaged investigation. 3000 people dead. 4 planes. Have you seen one hangar with plane parts like EVERY other plane crash?

And the 400 cameras on the pentagon, and confiscated tapes from gas station and hotel. Not one picture can they produce of the plane.

Only guilty people hide confiscate and destroy evidence.

Honest people like 1800 architects and engineers get web sites and share ideas.

Criminals hide behind national security to fool sheeple, do some research.

Why in the hell would anyone give these jokers in the government any benefit of the doubt?

Inside job is not only not wacko, but it is widely accepted by the vast majority of those who study the issue.

To call all the people who have done the research and exposed the facts, only shows your ignorance on the topic.

Dr. Paul knows the truth, but knows some topics are off limits if you are a politician or news anchor, and also love your family, and want them to remain alive.


Or you could ask yourself what does a controlled demotition look like?

Baaad sheeple, take the blue pill, nothin to think here.


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Sounds like an advertisement

Sounds like an advertisement by a conman to me. Are you selling a book?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

9/11 was the turning point

towards tyranny, not just for the USA, but for most of the rest of the world. After 9/11 came the patriot act, the take over of the Middle East, soldiers from around the world died, "protecting our freedoms".
But as always, the science catches up with history, and the truth will out. From day one, the official story of 9/11 has been a lie so big that many people do not want to believe it.
The lie of 9/11 has stripped you of most of your "rights" as a citizen, and profited the Military Industrial Complex, Big Phama, Big Construction, Big Banking and nearly Big Everything Else to the tune of Billions and Billions of YOUR Dollars.
The lies of 9/11 are the rot at the bottom of Americas' root canal.

best 911 thread of the day (of the 3 so far)

seriously, wtf is it with all the 911 threads? Is it Jack Hunter's birthday today or something?

so 2,752 Americans were murdered ...

... what's the big deal?

OK so maybe the government spent less than 1% on this investigation than was spent investigating the Clinton blow-job. So what?

OK so maybe there were several dual Israeli/US citizens in the highest levels of the Pentagon who "misplaced" 2.3 Trillion Dollars the day before 9/11 so what?

OK so maybe President Bush's actions as the attacks unfolded were highly suspect, So WHAT?

OK so maybe there were multiple war games ongoing which simulated hijacked aircraft just as the real attacks occured. Coincidence, right... so what?

OK so maybe all evidence points towards an indisputable "inside job" So WHAT?

Those of us who are true seekers of truth, who defend freedom, who refuse to accept blatant LIES ...

.... we will never stop asking questions until ALL 2,752 Americans MURDERED by rogue elements within our own CIA are finally given PEACE through the lawful PROSECUTION and subsequent EXECUTION of their MURDERERS.

Before we get off on the wrong foot here

I'd like to let you know that I'm on your side here regarding the truth and holding those accountable being a big deal. However, I think he was just observing the fact that we haven't had any 911 posts and then all of a sudden, 3 different posters posted 3 different articles/videos (good ones by the way). I noticed it as well which is why I'm interjecting here and maybe can clear up a misunderstanding.

Nebraska, Massachusetts, lawsuits against the GOP

... are more "front-burner" right now on the DP ... peace to you and all the DPeeps ( even the ones who can't grasp the truth about 911 )

911 threads?

Perhaps it's a subject that people care about. The event changed the course of history and the more truth that comes out, no matter how minute, will hopfully wake up the sheeple. I would suggest you live up to your handle and allow others the liberty to think freely and share freely as well.