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Video: Rachel Maddow on Nebraska Caucus & Massachusetts Delegate Scandal

Part I: RNC & Importance of Nebraska Caucus



Part II: Massachusetts Delegate Scandal with Evan Kenney



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Rachel is totally against the wars.

I think if the election were between Obama and Paul and it were held today, Rachel would vote a straight Democrat ticket except for president. I thing she would vote for Paul, unless she knew for certain Obama was stopping the wars.

Evan impressed me. We shold

Evan impressed me. We should keep an eye on him.

GOP has no fear of Ron Paul.

paul's staff is horrid with cronies like tate and olson and all their decisions are bad, so paul has 0% chance as long as donations are given without wanting anything good / accountability in return.

maddow is not doing herself good by covering such stupid things that are irrelevant like delegates.

gop has a good handle on rp supporters and they will remain strictly under their wing. those who will go for gary johnson are of concern to gop, but not ron paul himself as he says he is one of them by saying he will always be a republican like his pal romney whom he has never criticized while romney on the otehr hand has mocked paul in debates and interviews.


Never Criticized???????????????

When Wolf Blitzer asked Ron Paul if he would support Romney.....Paul's answer was NO WAY!....what do you call that?

Paul is too much of a statesman to attack a man/woman.....he debates issues.

The Repulican party has no handle on any of Ron Paul Supporters...they are NOT under their wing and can not be bought! That is why convention after convention they resorted to the criminal tactics that has been well documented.

They will lose in the end because RP supporters are young and they will take back the party and government.

Watch and see if Mitt Romney doesn't have a major financial scandal real soon! They are quaking in their boots right now....you know it and we all know it. That's why you came here to post your disinformation! Adios!

let go of your fear of facts/truth in support of estab.

ron paul and the crony team of thugs he was given by gop brutally attacked all cons that threatened romney, and they spent tens of millions on vicious ads so romney could continue to stay on top of the polls and win primaries. whenever the heat got too much for romney and a cons rival would overtake him, paul's team came to the rescue with donations for ads and paul's help during debates and interviews. and those attacks stopped as soon as romney regained his frontrunner status.

you don't even know what it means 'take back the party'. gop is not an independent party - you got to be an idiot to think that. dnc and gop are together. so it doesn't matter whoever wins, gop or dnc or obama or romney - they are all one.


America is not the greatest country in the world.


"lib" is correct, which is why their comment is rated down, because those going through cognitive dissonance don't want to believe that Jesse Benton's rule strategy is ignorant based on the FACT that party rules can be changed at anytime (e.g. Rule 40). The comment is rated down, because they want to keep donating money, which is fine because once RP doesn't get the nomination and doesn't become president, he will write some more books and keep making money of the same message. O did I mention their stealing delegates and their going to steal delegates in Nebraska, and you can't write-in candidates in 8 states. Forget Gary Johnson, because by the time they even throw him a bone, which for the die-hards will be in Sept, and it will be to late because they spent all their time, money, and resources on RP, and he won't even get in the debates. In the end, Obama and Romney will have a "I-bet-I-can-agree-with-you-more-than-you-can" "debate", and Obama's executive order ensures DailyPaul won't exist for long. And RP is scared of his owns supporters and won't even go to his own festival.


Actually Paul's strategy towards Romney was a political strategy this election cycle. Paul went on heavy attack against Romney in 2008 because it was in his strategic interest to do so. This campaign cycle, he knew that he could get by coming in second, by focusing his strategy against the other candidates, especially Newt Gingrich, who tried to have the entire Republican Party unseat him from the House. Paul arguably drove Santorum, Perry, Bachman, and Gingrich out of the race and knew that if he could get enough states he could bring a contested nomination to the floor of the Tampa convention. So I don't know where you are getting this from, but go back to 2008 and look at Paul's eviscerating attacks on Romney, as well as this years ads against Romney.

Paul has also stated he will "Never" endorse Mitt Romney, unlike his son, who made a promise to the GOP establishment when he came into Kentucky that he had to toe the party line. Essentially, as one of the 50 senators, Rand Paul is whipped. No more talking about Bilderberg, or the failures of the party if its too scandalous. This is what makes Ron Paul the last American statesman in the Republican Party. He is challenging the platform itself, which has become one of big government and pro-war.

Do not think for a second that the sociopaths running the Republican Party are not being driven crazy by Ron Paul. Because of him, Rasmussin polls show that over 75% of the population wants to audit the Federal Reserve. Prior to Paul, most of the population did not even know what it was.

Paul is the father of the Tea Party movement, which has betrayed him, by compromising in not shutting down the government, in not supporting him directly, in going against his foreign policy message of peace and trade with all; entangling alliances with none. The corporations control every GOP and DNC big wig. You are out of order. Paul is the only true one who is doing what he says.

The power structure fears President Ron Paul. If he ever, ever made it, the cozy relationship between the news media and their parent corporations would be severed overnight. Just like Kennedy, he would seek to issue competing currencies (Kennedy sought to do it with silver-backed bullion as competing notes against Fed Reserve notes). President Ron Paul would likely declassify and disclose a hundred years of lies fed to the American people, including illegal human testing and black ops projects.

Paul would withdraw the United States military from all WW2 and post-WW2 countries we currently have bases in, and as commander-in-chief, his order could only be questioned by impeachment or cold blooded assassination (again see Kennedy). There are 12 levels of top secret that the President doesn't have access to. You can bet that President Ron Paul would put an end to that nonsense and disclose an enormous amount of information to both the House and Senate, potentially making former living Presidents and currently active serving House, Senate, and Supreme Court members subject to criminal prosecution. This would also have an enormous effect on revolving door lobbyists and the chief executives and board members of the world's most powerful corporations, who would likely be exposed for bribing and essentially running this government.

You are a fool. Once President Ron Paul got in the door and found out what was going on, his justice departmnt would have no choice but to prosecute people like GW Bush, Cheney, and perhaps even Obama, as honest Ron Paul would not be willing to lie to the American people. He would break the cycle.

Ron Paul signifies real change in America. It is our collective loss as a society for not making him president of this country.

You have Stockhoym Syndrome

Has Ron Paul ever commented on his endorsing Romney, No. Are you an idiot. Yes. Can they steal this election like in 2000 with Diebold and the lawsuit is a waste of time, and they can change rules and steal delegates, yes. What can you do about, donate more money. hahahah

Trolling 4LIFE, huh lib?

Trolling 4LIFE, huh lib?

those in denial can't handle truth

and run from it. lay out your arguments instead of a meaningless comment like yours.


lib da troll, always trying

lib da troll, always trying to keep supporters from donating their money. It's cool though, I'll donate a $20.00 just for him -_-

The truth comes out, whether you like it or not

Lib is exactly right, all you Paultards don't even have enough common sense and think you can use the "law of attraction" to put RP in the White House. Go donate some more money, or better yet, wait until he writes more books and next year and the year after ducks and avoids how his son is antithetical to his teachings.

LOL Hellooooo troooooll.

LOL Hellooooo troooooll. Umad, butthurt even? Always proud to be a paultard vs a REtard like yourself herp derp.

Your not donating faster. Freedumb costs $1.05

Ron Paul appreciates your donations, make sure to send them in gold bars preferably.

Welcome back trolls!

Been missing you guys. Haven't been called a "paultard" in some time. I was worried. Listen, next time just drop a line, fire off a post card, let us know you are OK.

South is the new way up! Major trend for 2014: Latin America. Start checking out South American investment, it's part of our future now.

I'll send you a post card in camp FEMA

I'll send you a post card in camp FEMA

good please let it be your

good please let it be your permanent residence.

An idea, whose time, has come

can only be stopped by NATO.

For unforeseen reasons, I

For unforeseen reasons, I actually had a TV with satelitte service in the house. It auto tuned to the program, and I got to see it live. 12 more days of TV left in the house.

2 week trial

Very nice job Evan

You have done a great service to RP and this movement. We need more people like you representing us.

I also want to point out a key piece of information he noted. Baker refused to take his spot. I think many of us look at all the GOP top dogs as complicit in these games. Clearly by Mr. Baker's actions, he wants nothing to do with the dirty tricks the GOP is playing. We should all take a note from this and see how many times we are painting with too big of a brush and risk pissing off a guy like this.

Props to Mr. Baker for being a stand up guy.

I am betting he talked with Evan and Evan converted him to a Paulite LOL!!!

to the rachel maddow haters?? freaking chill

bottom line, it is great to see her covering this and exposing it,no matter the reasons. This kinda story makes it possible to talk to my mom about this,since she is a rachel maddow viewer. After this interview she will really see the impact of what ron paul folks are doing. Guess where she lives? NE!!!! If rachel maddow would keep reporting the truth and what we are really about! Then she might get some free snowboard lessons!

Ron Paul 2016

No. Go donate more money, go get arrested at a convention

No. Go donate more money, go get arrested at a convention

Rachel rocks...

... Limbaugh, Hannity and O'Reilly suck!!!

Plano TX

They suck...but Rachel licks

They suck...but Rachel licks :)

Whatever Rachel's motives,

Whatever Rachel's motives, you could see she was genuinely impressed with Evan. Maybe Rachel learned something.

Your genuinely an idiot

Your genuinely an idiot




I love when intellects with a fourth grade vocabulary call someone else an idiot.

Amazing? I know thank you. But remember your duty...

which is to abandon reason, be as illogical and irrational, donate to Ron Paul can down-rate an statement that is commonsensical and then call them a troll.