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Video: Rachel Maddow on Nebraska Caucus & Massachusetts Delegate Scandal

Part I: RNC & Importance of Nebraska Caucus



Part II: Massachusetts Delegate Scandal with Evan Kenney



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that was great.
now time to lock and load and prepare for the coming zombie Romney trolls.

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Yep. We know the drill now.

Anything good and positive on here, they come out of their hidey holes and swarm the DP like flies on cow pies.

Wow and Wow!

Watch that 2nd video! What an amazing and honest representation of the situation by Evan! Notice how he took ownership of the party. I'm dumbfounded by how awesome that was!

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"Tampa is the strip club

"Tampa is the strip club capital of America" (from clip)

I knew that "OTHER" box in the need assistance portion of my Delegate registration form had a purpose.

we are winning the war, just keep the presure on

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First, Does the GOP not know


Does the GOP not know what awful PR it is when you try to use shenanigans to nullify an election after you lose to a high school kid? And no disrespect to Evan--as far as I'm concerned he is more qualified to hold office than they are, since he respects the constitution--it just LOOKS bad.

It's like if someone got his ass kicked by a squirrel and then made up excuses like "the squirrel caught me by surprise" (yes...this actually happened to me)


You people need to lay off of Maddow. She doesn't agree with us on economics, but she is intellectually honest and points out things that others won't. She offers a refreshing unique prospective on many issues--to us as well as her other viewers.

Just because you don't agree with a journalist, doesn't make them a bad journalist. Also, I have a crush on her <3

shy smile

I have a crush on her too.lol

Her program is the only

Her program is the only enjoyable program on MSNBC. Have you seen that Ed Show? Sometimes I click over to MSNBC early and I catch the tail end of a socialist grizzly bear ranting about how the government needs to control the economy more. It makes me ill.


DON'T vote for Mitt Romney at the convention like this kid. VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE. YOUR vote is NOT bound to anyone.


Hopefully, he's just talking the good talk

and being stealth about his intentions.

I still respect him

if he votes for Romney because that is what the people he is representing want. He knew he was pledged to Romney when he ran.

However, I read in one article that he will help elect Romney to get rid of Obama and I don't respect that at all.

NO. That is a bad thing. That

NO. That is a bad thing. That is democracy. The key element to a republic form of government is for all representatives to act on principle, not on what the majority of their constituency wants. We elect people for a reason - they are individuals with their own convictions. We don't elect them to simply be a machine by which the will of the majority is manifested into things like votes, whether they are votes for a bill or for a presidential candidate. If that were the case, what would we need representatives for? The system was designed for a passionate minority to create a peaceful revolution from within. My initial comment was made to remind delegates of this. They are elected as an individual not as a machine - to vote their conscience not the will of the majority.


I agree with you in principle

But there is an understanding that this is one vote for one person. I do think people are understanding if things change between that election and the convention (like Romney being charged with election fraud or whatever) that he could change his vote. But I respect that he intends to vote Romney now since that was the original understanding. He got up there and said that he would when he ran....so he should barring significant changes.

I personally don't think there should be primaries at all. The political parties should be completely separate from the states and government. They should do their own thing. And get on the ballot like anyone else would have to--go collect signatures.

I can see how someone might

I can see how someone might reach that conclusion, but also consider that there are a lot of "understandings" that we liberty minded people are trying to debunk. It's commonly understood that Iran having a nuclear weapon is a serious threat; it's commonly understood that the terrorists hate us because of our freedoms; and, it's commonly understood that the government should be at all involved with the notion of "positive liberties" such as education and healthcare. Would you not blame a member of Congress for voting for bills based on common understandings such as these?

In both electing officials for Congress and electing delegates, we are supposed to elect those that will best do their job. Just as we shouldn't elect people to Congress based on how well they will vote how the majority of their constituency wants, we should also not promote the idea of matching delegate votes to the popular vote - which if that were the case, delegates would not have any real function or purpose at all. The job of an elected member of Congress is to protect individual liberty with a primary focus on protecting it against its greatest threat - government intrusion, all within his/her Constitutional requirements and limitations - AS HE/SHE SEES FIT - NOT as the usually absent-minded majority of the public desires. The job of a delegate is to vote to choose the candidate for president that they see most fit for the job.


he's not lying

Talk like this is one of the reasons they're in such a fight right now. The delegates in MA are planning to vote for Mitt Romney, since that is what they were elected to do. But because some people keep saying things like "pretend you're going to vote for Mitt Romney then vote for Ron Paul", the MA GOP, not surprisingly, does not trust these delegates. It's unfortunate because they're probably all individually deserving of trust. The MA GOP is obviously to blame for some of this, but so is the talk of a stealth coup at the convention.

I gotta say...

Her reports on Paul have helped me get a few unhappy Obama voters to come our way....Fox just runs then off...I have emailed her reports to my liberal leaning obama supporting friends and brought them our way..Mostly women..but a vote is a vote and a mind opened to liberty is a mind in the right direction.



love this.

At least Maddow is talking about Ron Paul and our movement

Something ther others rarily do...Sure, there is an ulterior motive, but she is still talking about our liberty movement.



it is perfectly possible there is an ulterior motive - for example to expose GOP corruption and give gain to Dem(agogue)s, but since some time I suspect Rachel Maddow - whatever we think about her - somehow genuinely likes Ron Paul anti-war/interventionism message which was in fact the main issue Obama won the election with and then failed to deliver which then led to disillusion of many - at least it looks so when one considers her book Drift-Unmooring Of The American Military.

Tape Her Mouth Shut?...Oh, OK

if you insist.

Frankly, I strongly suspect her ulterior motive, apart from getting her ratings numbers up by baiting RP Supporters to watch MSNBC's otherwise insufferable tripe (hers in particular), is to get Ron Paul to be the catalyst for dashing the GOP on the rocks, thereby giving her beloved Dem-munist Party even greater sway over America's imbecilic TV-watching masses.

While the air time for RP is appreciated, I think we're being played.


Your comment is ^

Can you find another MSM person to report on Ron Paul?

If you can, then please post their videos so we don't have to hear the same two comments on every Rachel Maddow post:

1. She is gay

2. She is a liberal with ulterior motives

Please go find them now, so we can all hate Rachel Maddow now- before she does her evil witchcraft on Ron Paul.

#1 should not be an issue.

#1 should not be an issue. To suggest that freedom only appeals to straight people is bigotry.

#2 Just because someone is "liberal" does not mean they are not intellectually honest or that they have some sinister motive behind everything they do. Honestly, I'd rather hang out with many "liberals" than many "conservatives"... Especially hot lesbian liberals.

thank you

btw, you also forgot that she has a communist agenda (because she is gay of course) which also makes her an evil pusher of the "gay agenda"


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Jump ahead to 17:30 .


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