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Let's make 20-26. August a International Support Week For Ron Paul!

I've already shared this idea before. You can read more about it here; http://www.dailypaul.com/243615/lets-pull-off-a-internationa...

The idea behind this is to show that there are also people outside of the USA that are supporting Ron Paul. His ideas of peace and liberty are popular all over the world!

So let's take this week leading up to Tampa, and make it to a international support week for Ron Paul. I'm sure that all Ron Paul delegates and supporters in America will be having a busy week, so let's at least try to make a effort our self at spreading Ron's message and giving him some publicity.

There's a lot of things we can do this week, like holdnings events in our own countries, uploading videos, using social medias, etc. The only limit is your own creative minds.

BUT, if we are going to make this happen, then first of all we need to spread this post, or the idea about Ron Paul week in general. I would love to see people all around the world coming together and support Ron Paul.

I'm a Norwegian Ron Paul supporter myself, and as I've pointed out in my previous post, I know for a fact that there are many Ron Paul supporters outside of the USA. Back here at home we have a Norway for Ron Paul facebook page with almost 1200 members, and Sweden has almost reached 1400. There are also people in Iceland, Denmark, Spain, Australia, German, etc. We are everywhere!

I think we can make a great impact on people back in the USA (and also other countries) by showing how much support Ron Paul actually is getting all over the world.

Let's make this into something big!

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Ill do my bit in Australia, Have been doing so for a while now!

How about everybody change their profile names on all Social Media outlets, ie Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ,whatever to Ron Paul, and then for the week posted Liberty and Ron Paul relevant info, quotes, videos.

If even a handful of people across the world did that alot of people for the week would not be able to Aviod Reading his name, more than likey, nearly every day!

Awareness is Key, espiecially Global Awareness!

That's a great idea!

I'll do my part here in Norway too! If your in contact with other Australiens that support Ron Paul, I would apriciate if you would share this with them.

Sounds good to me -

I'm in Japan...

That's great! If you know

That's great! If you know other Japanese that are supporters of Ron Paul, then please tell them about this event.

Well, I'm not

Japanese, and (unfortunately) few Japanese know anything
about Ron Paul. But it would be nice to improve on that

I'm pretty sure that there are DP folks living in Japan, though -
anyone here who is interested in doing something here to coincide
with the Tampa convention and Liberty events feel free to
contact me...