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Climate Change: Yay or Nay.

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Nay. It's the Ebb and Flow of the Earth.

But there should be things done to improve air quality, reduce smog and such.
Bigger problem than "climate change" is our water supply. People should start trying to conserve water. There could be another dust bowl drought right around the corner....especially if they are spraying and tampering with the clouds.

bullshit lies to empower the

bullshit lies to empower the elite with extra laws..


Earth's climate has and will always continue to change until the day the sun reaches supernova and swallows the Earth up...in a few billion years...

Is that what you meant? Or are you referring to the global propaganda campaign creating self-loathing narcissists that will sell their soul to show the plutocrats how much they really care?


The new church of science has failed to sell the fraud under the logo "Global Warming"

... but not to worry there is a never-ending list of faux-scientists who will take the Maurice Strong money to sell whatever "science" is needed to advance the cause of One World Government taxation and ultimately eugenics de-population pograms in the name of "Gaia"...

This is What Global Cooling Looks Like

Global cooling is the real threat, and humanity can ill afford to waste another dime on faux science as the next little ice age looms large...

I agree.

Great link! Thanks.

Was just checking out "The Great Man Made Global Warming Swindle" on YouTube. I love how solid, factual and reasoned dissenting voices are.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

Wild fires have been happening forever

Climate is not stagnate. What is happening is science being the slow retarded institution that it is, is learning that it was wrong. Climates are not fixed they always change and are in constant flux.

Global warming, was Global warming,

set on very definite "science". The greenhouse gases trapped the heat and the world would heat up so much that it would no longer sustain human life. The only way to cure Global warming was to tax as many people on earth as possible and put 100s of millions of dollars into the World Bank.
As time has gone on from Al Gores' dire warnings through his award winning, money making film An Inconvenient Truth, (ironic?) the world has not warmed, the oceans have not flooded, the glaciers are still there, and the Global Warming horse has now been dressed as the Climate Change Camel. And the World Bank is STILL collecting billions of our dollars to halt Climate Change.
We surly must be the most gullible, stupid, misinformed people in the history of this amazing planet that we live on.