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Heres an idea for the RNC in Tampa!

`I think that one of the things that the Ron Paul delegates down in Tampa should do is to show all those Romney delegates all of the issues that would keep Romney from winning in november, things like how he is still against medical marijuana of all things, which ive seen some polls showing that 60% of the populace are in favor of this and in fact we are on the way to legalization, another one of Ron Pauls strong points in that hes been saying this for 30 years.

But we also need to show them that Romney is going to lose votes soley because of his religion, now i think this is a stupid reason not to vote for someone, but it is true, ive heard a few people say this to me and its whole religions that wont vote for him, not just these specific people, we also need to draw the similarities between him and obama! which are many and extremely important, i thinks its going to be funny if him and obama were to debate how many things they would agree on, the only thing they would be debating on is on the ways to spend the money theyve stolen from the economy.

I thought this might be a good way to show these people that he cant win in november and that we need a stronger candidate then that
RON PAUL 2012!!!

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On the grand scale of things to wake up the establishment with... You chose marijuana? That would be about number 2000 on my list.

Flash Mob

But what I do think all the delegates should do... Coordinate a flash mob at the convention! Bust out some music and moves :-p