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Peace treaty proposed with Nebraska Liberty Caucus. Are they are scared?

The establishment is wanting to make a treaty.
What do you think? Are they scared or just being polite?



Mark Fahleson, Chairman, Nebraska Republican Party

Laura Ebke, Chair, Republican Liberty Caucus of Nebraska

The following statement was jointly prepared and issued by Mark Fahleson on behalf of the Nebraska Republican Party and Laura Ebke on behalf of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Nebraska, a group whose membership consists of a number of individuals who have aligned themselves with the Ron Paul for President campaign:

"We are both troubled by the rhetoric and heightened tensions surrounding the upcoming NEGOP Convention this Saturday in Grand Island.

There is something called "The Nebraska Way." It's honesty. Being cordial and neighborly. Practicing The Golden Rule. And, when differences occur, shaking hands and agreeing to disagree in a respectful way.

It's important to us that the NEGOP Convention be conducted "The Nebraska Way." For that reason we met to discuss ways in which we could more accurately reflect the cordiality and cooperation that actually exists between our two groups and express our mutual desire for the NEGOP Convention be conducted in an orderly and positive fashion.

To accomplish this, we pledge the following:

The NEGOP and RLCNE will not engage in nor encourage and will actively discourage any kind of dilatory or disruptive tactics that could interfere with the mutual goal of an orderly and efficient convention.
Based upon assurances provided by the RLCNE, the NEGOP has reconsidered and withdrawn its plan to hire additional security officers for the NEGOP Convention.
The RLCNE will discourage those wishing to attend the NEGOP Convention for the purpose of intimidation, agitation or monitoring from attending.
At the conclusion of the NEGOP convention, we will work together to accomplish the overarching goal we share: defeating Barack Obama in November."

As RLCNE's Ebke explained further: "We are all Republicans. The RLCNE is nothing more than a subset of the Nebraska Republican Party whose focus is individual liberty and smaller government. We share the NEGOP's interest in running a fair convention that brings us all together in the end."

NEGOP's Fahleson reiterated his commitment to running a fair convention, explaining "Every minute spent on parliamentary gamesmanship is a minute we're not spending defeating Barack Obama and sending Bob Kerrey back to wife and son in New York. The NEGOP and RLCNE have pledged to work together for the greater good, and that's what Saturday's convention will be all about."

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Nebraska LET US DOWN! NO Ron Paul people even made a motion to have the (less than 400 ballots) HAND COUNTED! Are you all THAT naiive?!
Sorry but the "nebraska way" is the "naiive way"!

Just go along with establishment GOP and let them RAM ROMNEY down your throats? Did they buy you all off?

Being nice and allowing the EVIL CORRUPT CRIME SYNDICATE called the GOP to just walk all over you?

WOW...I am speechless. You all in Nebraska just let the country down so incredulously!

And Dee Dee Kelly with her corruption - trying to buy votes with lunches for her and her "personal chauffeur" husband Ron Kelly and 2 others.

WHERE were all the Ron Paul delegates that got elected? Some did not even show up! SHAME on you!

Nancy Liberty
admin at WatchTheVote2012 on Facebook

Laura - Gold Star?

Laura, if you are really working for peaceful proceedings between the division in the GOP, then you deserve a Gold Star.

However, I agree with the other posters here. In order for both sides to be able to work peacefully together, both sides are going to need to give a little.

1. "Monitoring" - is going to have to happen in order for trust and healing to occur. No matter how fair both sides TRY to do things, it will not be trusted without freely allowing all sides to monitor proceedings. Trust needs to be built here.

2. Fairness - the Chair, and other leaders, must be painfully FAIR. Follow Robert's Rules to the "T," take roll-call votes, take the separation of the room type votes, but bend over backwards to make CERTAIN everything is fair. Steve Munisteri, Chairman of Texas State GOP was a wonderful example of this. No one expects anything but fairness in the following of the rules.

3. Public Ballot counting - Edward True has a post on the Daily Paul that is a wonderful example of how the votes can be publicly, and easily, counted in a way that will please everyone. Machines will not be acceptable. Using them would be a violation of trust. This alone would go a long ways toward building bridges and healing the GOP.

Laura, if you would go back to the "other side," let them know the people's concerns, and get these agreements in writing, it would be such a relief to all of us. Remind these people that we all need each other in order to beat Obama, and that these concessions will allow everyone a better chance to build bridges, heal the rift, and allow the GOP to work better together.

If they REALLY want to beat Obama, and they REALLY want to work with everyone, then these concessions should be such a little thing in order to build trust between our people.

As I've looked at the posts on this thread I've become

quite concerned. Within the negotiations should have been specific concessions. The person that keeps telling everyone that we have do to it this way has been a member for 16 weeks??!!!!!?? Any negotiations should have a give and take and I'm still trying to see what Laura and her delegates have been given? Did the Nebraska RP leadership demand that there be no electronic balloting? I don't see any concessions whatsoever for this foundational point. Why not? You should have absolutely required this without a doubt in my mind. The message is that you've got it all handled, and people here are going OMG!! because of several concerns, not the least of which I have mentioned. What are you going to do if you lose because you did not negotiate a good deal? I'm starting to really wonder about the reasoning, which appears to be something like: If you piss people off you wouldn't get ahead. These people cannot and will not really be appeased at any time. They are already pissed off and there's not a damn thing you do about that, except strategize effectively, which includes good negotiating skill. Where's the concessions?? I would really like to know and I also would really like to know how you can expect to have any kind of win with electronic balloting?


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There is no way that

There is no way that Romney/GOP will cheat throughout the entire election the way they have been and then when it comes down to the last convention, where if RP wins he's on the ballot,they suddenly want a peace treaty... Maybe I'm wrong and they are all good, but we need to be really guarded. This is a big one this weekend. There is a lot at stake and everyone knows it. Romney and Ron Paul.
Also, lets not forget, the very Governor of NE decided not to retire simply because a Ron Paul supporter was going to win. Is that there example of the "Nebraska Way"?? That tells you right there how aware they are of this convention and what could happen if Ron Paul wins in NE. Romney knows the people are on RP's side, if RP is on the ballot, SKY IS THE LIMIT! You know that Romney saw this when the Gov wanted to step down and probably threw some money his way to get him to stay and not retire.
Sorry as much as I would like to believe that NE is good, fair, they want a treaty and believe in the "Nebraska Way"....NOT.
"The NEGOP and RLCNE will not engage in nor encourage and will actively discourage any kind of dilatory or disruptive tactics that could interfere with the mutual goal of an orderly and efficient convention."
All I want to hear is we promise to follow Roberts Rules. Instead I read the above as saying, we will not allow the crowd to get roudy, even when we choose to handle things the way we need to to get Romney to win.
I'm sure that the NE delegates are getting it all together. But I've seen so many conventions just go down hill because they got cheated and were not expecting it. Watch your back guys and have a plan. For everything.

Be advised: Romney and RNC lawyers

There will be NO LESS than 12 lawyers on the ground advising the NEGOP on how they can cheat to put ALL delegates and alternates in the bag for Romney.

Ignore this fact and lose.

"Also, lets not forget, the

"Also, lets not forget, the very Governor of NE decided not to retire simply because a Ron Paul supporter was going to win."

This isn't accurate. It was the state chairman who was going to step down and run for national committeeman. He decided not to step down yet , likely because of the governor's influence and because the Paul people would have challenged the governor's pick for the next chair.

In every contract there is the clause that reveals the hand

This is it:
Based upon assurances provided by the RLCNE, the NEGOP has reconsidered and withdrawn its plan to hire additional security officers for the NEGOP Convention.
The RLCNE will discourage those wishing to attend the NEGOP Convention for the purpose of intimidation, agitation or monitoring from attending.

They knew you would jump on the procedural crap - that was horse trading. You focus on that and meanwhile - they ropa dope you with this. You agree to not be monitoring?? You agree you use intimidation? You agree you are agitators??? You agree the NEGOP is just trying to keep the peace from you gang of thugs?

These lines must go. By agreeing to this - you agree you are trouble makers that HAD planned on using intimidation and agitation to win. You also agree that the use of cameras will not be allowed. It should have read BOTH parties will agree to not hire additional security and both parties agree to discourage those who would intimidate and agitate from showing. Both parties also agree that the best way to maintain an orderly, legal process is to ensure the entire process IS monitored by a neutral party, complete with video recording of the event. All attendees are encouraged to record the process as they feel fit and both parties agree to not infringe upon this basic right of the people to do so.
The NEGOP should also agree to meet with you and the Chief of Police to ensure that any law enforcement understand the rules ahead of time. Perhaps even agreeing to have one Sgt or Lt well versed be on site.

Well said, Hal.

But of course, this statement is right in line with Jesse Benton's pronouncement after GOP thugs shut down the OK and AZ State Conventions...i.e. that we are somehow the evil doers, and need to be reined in.


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

If Dmitri is anywhere near NE....


This is the guy who gave ND to Romney and was sent out there by "our campaign" as the "convention expert."

I certainly hope Laura is not getting any of her "directions" from this incompetent knumbskull.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


In any Negotiation or discussion of protocols, one should always walk away with a "fair share".
The Golden Rule? Here's what you need to "RE-NEGOTIATE" with the GOP leadership; Karen abcde has already emailed you; I'm quoting her commentary for REASONABLE DEMANDS...QUOTE:
"Where is the part that says they will not steal ballot boxes, distribute fake ballot slates, turn off microphones, misinform Paul supporters about when, where, and how meetings will be held, that the lights will be on for the whole meeting, that our motions will not be ignored, that the voting machines will not be rigged, that "Charlie" the fake ballot distributor will not be present, and much more that I can't write this late at night. Where is the part that says all voting machines and ballot boxes will have "watchers" from Paul and Romney people and that the voting will not be "stalled" until some future unknown day at the point when Paul starts to win delegates or votes?"...END QUOTE.
The NEGOP Leadership need to give US concessions.
And you need to ABSOLUTELY CONFIRM RP Supporters are BALLOT COUNTERS or MONITORS...not that weak reply of: "I believe".Make sure of it.
Just stress that "your people" are making it really hard on you and you need these understandings in word and in MEMORANDUM.
P.S.-The "Offer" to "Reduce Security" is a sham, a hoax.
God Speed!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Don't let the RLCNE speak for you.

Two phrases that sound like sell outs:

#1. The RLCNE will discourage ... monitoring

#2. ...overarching goal we share: defeating Barack Obama in November.

Since when is monitoring a threat to anyone except those who want to break rules?

Is the goal to simply change the name in the Oval Office? C'mon, REALLY?

Take a look from another angle

#2. ...overarching goal we share: defeating Barack Obama in November.

They want Mitt to be President. Obama must be defeated in November for this to happen.
We want Ron Paul to be President. Obama must be defeated in November for this to happen.

Thus, we share a common goal.

I think the recent headlines on Romney

should be making the GOP feel a little queasy about now. By the time August gets here they may be ready to rethink things a bit!

Need help getting to the

Need help getting to the Convention? If any delegate or alternate feels they cannot attend due to cost, transportation issues or lodging expense and need a place to stay, gas money, whatever, please contact DailyPaul user micgundee at http://www.dailypaul.com/user/16872/contact

Go ahead and have someone be

Go ahead and have someone be a Benjamin Franklin to the chair, but have a John Hancock that you actually follow at the convention. This will prevent you from being sold out.

Maine had people recording, a parliamentarian, and was organized. That was a win. When we haven't had that, the GOP has every-time pulled the same dirty tricks. It's predictable, and that includes the leader selling out or being bought out. The organization that has worked has always been grassroots, bottom up, organized by leaders, but no one giving up their minds, always self-directed, always expecting dirty tricks and looking for right conduct.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Parliamentary gamesmanship???

"Every minute spent on parliamentary gamesmanship is a minute we're not spending defeating Barack Obama." This does not sound good!


If you know Roberts Rules of Order it's not hard to tie a convention up in knots for hours with no intention of accomplishing anything other than delaying and pissing people off.

The NEGOP doesn't want to be embarrassed and they know Paul supporters can easily wreak havoc on their convention.

The Paul supporters need to keep the fear level high, but also keep a group working the NEGOP for concessions. ... either the NEGOP runs a clean convention by the rules or the people who are keeping the rabble rousers in control will walk out and let the chaos element take over.

If the NEGOP wants a productive and peaceful convention,

they need to contact Steve Munisteri in Texas. He managed the largest GOP convention in the nation(6000 attendees)with no uproar. He proved that you get what you give. He was fair and respectful to all and was unanimously re-elected. Not one nay vote in a hall of over 4000 delegates, including liberty folk and GOP establishment alike. He should be the national chairman.

hi ann

I agree.
Furthermore, no one ia talking about the fact Romney couldn't show his face at the largest republican convention and when his name was mentioned in the first few mins of K. B Hutchisons speech, the entire delegation boo'd!!!!!!
or at least half boo'd, to be fair..
THE Supposed republican nominee cant even make an appearance in Texas let lone any speech.
Romney steers clear of Texas and has only been here for a few days.
Romney cant even visit a college campus..

Dr. Paul can walk in front of ANY group, on any college and any party and talk to them, and be WELCOMED.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Steve was awesome

The best part was his wave tic. He was really nice and conducted business like a pro. Were you there for that "we are legion, expect us" guy at the very end? Then he ran out and was instantly surrounded by the cops. No need for that anonymous stuff there.

Munisteri is a boss.

Our people will need a private security firm in Nebraska however. They still said they plan to cheat and break the rules.

Lets make a deal

HA! let the business of electing Ron Paul begin. I surrender no liberty to the GOP. We are on to ya.

We will not tolerate another "go along to get along" BLACKOUT.

We will record these proceedings in full because we now know that the RNC conspires with State GOP TOP DOWN to give us pre-detemined results; both at the polls and at the conventions.

Let them hire more security. Let them show us their NAZI tactics and STALIN-ESK cheating.. they have planned to dictate to us who will rule our nation at the point of a gun.

If we do not have fairness even in Nebraska then it is time for every American to arm themselves to the teeth and prepare for what is inevitable.

I agree with points from different posters.

Though we should definitely work with the regulars, and try not to scare them, we need to be assertive. This press release or what have you is simply the establishment asking us, very politely, not to try to win.

They tell us not to enforce the parliamentary rules, which they call "gamesmanship". They tell us not to record their trickery.

Delegates, you show up there, and when they try to pull the same bullshit that they've been trying, you point it out, and you make noise about it.

Ron Paul 2016

I'm not sure how many times

I'm not sure how many times Laura can make this clear...we are NOT the majority here. We need some help from the regulars to pull this off. While the amount of support has been great, a 'show of force' may undermine everything we've been working on.

Remember, people around here have been conditioned (through all of these newspaper articles and write-ups) to believe that we are all crazy and looking for trouble. If we show a willingness to work with the establishment (in terms of having a fair and transparent process which everyone on our side believes in anyway), at least in terms of news reporting, more people will be willing to work with us. End result, we COULD win.

If we show up with massive crowds of spectators or personal security and everyone carrying video equipment and what not, those that we will need to work with us will likely NOT work with us. This, of course, means that we WILL lose.

Video recording and what not are covered. Our plan is in place. We know our numbers. Nobody is selling out. A win this weekend is within reach, but we must go about it the right way or lose everything.

If you've got over 40% you win

you dont need a majority, if you have any idea what you are doing.

No, you do need a majority...

when there are only two sides (establishment vs non-establishment). 40% will not get a slate elected if the other side is unified behind a slate (which is what happened in Iowa). In Iowa, the RP forces were a minority but we were able to attract enough other anti-est. delegates to achieve a bare majority. 40% in a two-way contest is a landslide loss.

Not if you're any good.

Even the other side doesn't operate as a monolith, they are still composed of persuadable and influencable people. A 40+% bloc is all you need to win (if you're any good and have any idea what you are doing.)

Rules on recording?

In Texas we got it voted into the platform that all committee meetings will permit personal recording devices. When we had that one rule included, our convention went smoothly and was fair. That was a complete game changer for us and i believe it made all the difference in the world because potential rule-breakers were thinking twice.

Nebraska knows a thing or two

Nebraska knows a thing or two about fences as well. Good fences make good neighbors.