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Media Playing RNC Ballot Charades

Jeffrey Phelps | Examiner

What was once thought to be a done deal for Ron Paul, having secured an official spot on the first ballot at the RNC, is all of the sudden being portrayed by the media as just the opposite.

Monday witnessed a seemingly new strategy continue on the back of last week's MSNBC report that Ron Paul somehow no longer has the required five state “plurality” of delegates needed to qualify for the RNC's first ballot.

Although, back in early May, FOX News had already done what no one else in the so-called 'mainstream' wanted to do, admit Ron Paul had already secured a first ballot position with a five state delegate plurality.

No one in the media wanted to touch an unfolding reality that was being hard-sold as a virtual impossibility just weeks and even days earlier. The Ron Paul 2012 campaign was having incredible success, despite an alternate, hidden campaign to make people believe otherwise.

But now, possibly hoping few remember the earlier reports, the establishment and its media are going with the new reality that Paul actually still needs one more state and Saturday's upcoming Nebraska state convention may be Paul's "last hope."

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I'm not going to give up

I'm not going to give up until it's over. August as some suprises in store for us, I believe. It's exciting. Kind of scary. I'm a little nervous what will happen if they try anything shady. So many Ron Paulers. So many camera phones. :)

Wow...the media is waking up.

Wow...the media is waking up. Better late than never.

Yeh, they're playing up the, "Ron Paul needs one more state," BS just to hype it up...but at the same time they're just getting ready for what's to come. I think they already know Ron Paul has won a plurality of delegates in 5 states a while ago. So they're making it seem exciting to a general audience.

Just remember...if Mitt Romney won Texas, his campaign would have said so by now. They didn't.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

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plurality question

So these are the states I beleive he won the pluraity in:


I always heard he has to have a plurality in 5 states. Is it in writing somewhere that is has to be a plurality in only undound states?

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Here is the plurality rule:

RNC Rule 40 "(b) Each candidate for nomination for
President of the United States and Vice President of the
United States shall demonstrate the support of a
plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more
states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of
that candidate for nomination."

The RNC is going to say that Ron Paul has demonstrated a plurality in Maine, Iowa and Minnesota. If the Louisiana delegates are seated, we will have 4 states. Under this scenario, we MUST win a plurality in Nebraska.

Because our delegates in Colorado are unpledged or pledged for someone else they won't recognize CO. Nevada has a plurality pledged to Romney and on it goes.

Do you see why the Gilbert lawsuit is SO important? If all delegates are unbound, states will be able to submit straw polls demonstrating support for Dr. Paul!

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So then if L4RP win the

So then if L4RP win the lawsuit to unbind, RP can be put on the ballot?

Thanks for the sanity!

I'm sick of seeing Rachael Maddow disinfo all over the DP. If anything they are only speaking half truths.

You can call the Liberty Movement...

A Sleeping Giant, For all they did was fill us with payback with their assault, lies, and fraudulent behaviour. Karma is a Bitch and their crimes will catch up to them

Education is the key

Many of us got a habit to relax and soak up "wisdom" from youtube clips. You should all do independent research. Start with how "plurality" rule is defined.

Delegates "at large" are considered proportionally bound to the popular ("beauty") contests. Bound delegates to others are not qualified as Ron-Paul's delegates for "plurality" rule count regardless of rule 38. Now, anyone, name 4 states with plurality wins for RP. Day dreaming was a favorite pastime of socialist-progressives. I guess our Blue Republicans and populists have more influence than I thought.

I know this is hard to understand

Because I have been saying this for a few years now and no one really responds or knows what I mean.
Ponder this.

In the US, the crimes have to actually be committed before any REAL prosecution and serious time can be handed out.

Let them commit all the crimes they want. YOU STAY CLEAN.
It will catch up to them ALL.
American justice is the best in the world- even if it sleeps at times.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

It is really hard to believe this from what I have seen

It seems it has been years and years since the true criminals have been punished. Yes, every once in a while they toss a few of their own into the fire and their crimes get exposed and they are punished but on the whole our politicians, our presidents and cabinets for years and years and years now - and the bankers and others who have cheated. lied and ripped off the American people as well as broken every single law - moral and civil, have gotten away with it all. They become richer and richer - more powerful - more able to crush us, more in control and more controlling - and the people suffer.

I am sorry I do not see justice. I see evil in washington and all over this country flourishing and growing. I see corrupt courts that will not uphold the law here or abroad. I see our country pillaging other countries and our military involved in crimes against humanity. I see our president laughing at us while he holds an office he is not only not eligible for but that he gained and maintains through criminal means.

No, I do not see justice anywhere in this land. Not in our lower courts, not in our higher courts and certainly no where in Washington. At this rate, by the time Americans wake up, there will be no America left.


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My interpretation for whatever it's worth...

I believe that Ron Paul has over 5 states. Plus those crazy states like LA and OK where it was obvious RP had the majority but the GOP shut down the convention t avoid a RP win.
I think it is official that he has 5 states and the media confirmed that when they said it a while back (I too remember Fox news saying this). Then the GOP got scared and started coming up with reasons to disqualify this state and that state. I don't believe that the GOP is correct in the disqaulification of these states, but they are just going to "say" it and now the MSM has followed suit... Pretty much the same tactic they used on Ron Paul's entire campaign. Just say he's un-electable and he will be. Or don't talk about Ron Paul and people will think he's out of the race. This is the same thing. Just start "saying" that he doesn't have a plurality in 5 states and then he just won't. Plus will have MSM saying it and then the people will just "believe".
It's just sick.

There is a very good reason President Paul is casually

reminding all of his supporters to show up in Tampa. Just do it!

LOL don't get my hopes up

LOL don't get my hopes up like that!

Sounds like he is president already


Dr. Paul

Was pres. 4 yrs ago. Only now, everyone is beginng to realize it. Onward liberty.

That's the important thing to

That's the important thing to remember, anything can happen. We're to be a tireless force that takes advantage of those moments when the MSM and the Establishment relax. It is not, NOT over until at least the convention in Tampa. And whether Paul wins the nomination or not, we have much to do in this country still. Knowing that Paul getting nominated is only the first step has also made me realize how important it is to be ever vigilant.

Fooled Again....

The Mind is so easily taken for rides. I have known for some time Ron Paul has more then 5 states, but got swept up in the Media attention to Ron Paul - such slight of hand that catches your interest then lies to you.

Thank You Internet - for allowing my mind to do it's own research, and realizing what I already knew.

In Liberty,

Do you guys have any info on

Do you guys have any info on the delegate totals from Texas and California? I haven't been able to find ANYTHING on that.

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Hope sustained

GOOD NEWS is good news!!!

I am so confused.

The other day a post was made on the DP saying that they, the poster, had corresponded with Carol Paul who stated they did not have a 5 state plurality. All I know for sure is to keep pushing forward as one never really knows what can happen.

Disinfo at it's finest.

Sounds suspicious from the go. Don't trust what can't be verified, I mean where is the letter?

My understanding..

is that Carol Paul said or implied that the RNC would make sure there were not five statess.

That's how I interpreted it too...

and I'm guessing they were told this a long time ago... Who knows what the press is trying to do now - make it seem like it all hinges on Nebraska so it looks "fair"?

sounds about right

By making a big to do about Nebraska - they plant the seed that RP missed it. It was a good fair fight and he just came up short. We were all pulling for him, but lo and behold it wasn't meant to be.

That is the last the people hear and that is what they remember.


thanks for posting- shared and shared again...