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Rep. Bill Owens (D-NY-23) is hosting a tele town hall tonight 7/10


The telephone town hall begins at 7:25 PM ET on Tuesday, July 10. To participate, you need to call the Congressman’s Washington office NOW at 202-225-4611 so they can provide you the call in details.

If you live in Rep. Bill Owens' district, which covers the northern part of New York, please consider participating and ask him why he has not yet cosponsored HR 459, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act. HR 459 has 265 cosponsors, which includes 41 Democrats. Transparency is a bipartisan issue.

Here is a map of New York's 23rd Congressional District:

To check if you live in his district, enter your zip code here:

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If anyone is in Bill Owens' district and would like to participate in the telephone town hall, you need to call his DC office now to get the dial in info.


I am new to his district, and want him out of office bad!! Will try to be on the line


I'm not sure if I made it clear but you need to call his DC office now to get detailed information on how to participate (like the call in number and passcode).

If you do get a chance to ask a question, asking him about HR 459 would be great. There are 265 cosponsors, which includes 41 Democrats. It will be up for a vote later this month and there has NEVER been a FULL audit of the Federal Reserve in its nearly 100 year history.