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Two Live Shows Tonight on the Federal Case: Richard Gilbert & Dr. K. on GCN and RBN: includes calls by delegates.

Listen to these LIVE interviews tonight with attorney Richard Gilbert and Dr. K.

According to host Stan Monteith:

"You can listen to my 3 PM, PST, interview (PACIFIC TIME) with Richard Gilbert and Dr.K at:

www.radioliberty.com (Soundwave 2000) , at GCNLIVE.com, or by calling 760, low SS11. The Wednesday program can be heard in Colorado at 1360 AM, or at americanewsnet,com"

Also, tune in to RBN (www.republicbroadcasting.org), 8:00 EST, with delegates calling in, including disenfranchised delegates from Arizona and Arkansas (streaming problems now fixed).

Show times for tonight's shows summarized:

* GCN, Stan Monteith Show: 3:00 P.M. PST, 5:00 CST
* RBN, 8:00 EST

For tomorrow, July 11:

* American News Network, 9:00 CST, link: Americanewsnet.com

Note: will discuss on this show disenfranchisement and brutalization of federal election agents (that is our delegates)

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Thank You Dr. "K" !

I will listen today, July 10th.


You are welcome, beesting

We'll see you there. Hopefully, there system will work tonight.

Please check this out.

"It" is working against us.


Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

Subversives Are Everywhere !

In my opinion, they are ANTI-Americans !

Anybody that's supporting Mr. Romney, or Mr. Obama, is supporting another World WAR !
Apparently they don't realize another World War could make the earth un-inhabitable for all life, if it becomes a NUCLEAR War !