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Paul Supporters Among Top NH Reps and Senators

Ron Paul supporters were among the top-rated House and Senate members in NH, according to this AFP-NH poll which rates for FISCAL ISSUES.

Sens Forsythe A+, White A, Sanborn A are three Ron Paul supporters of 19 R Senators, all rated A- A+ http://is.gd/URMqLz

Reps Coffey, Cohn, DeJong, Greazzo, Hoell, Kyle & Laura Jones, Maltz, Manuse, Murphy, Pratt, Tregenza, Warden, all rated A with Manuse garnering an A+ http://is.gd/AtKdA9

There could be more Reps, but these are the ones I am fairly sure were endorsers.

This is only ONE scorecard: There are others due out from NHLA, NHFFE, (edu) and the NHHRA as well as gun groups.

Will post when they come out.

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