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A Tale of Two Delegates

So the time has come again. Another four years in the making. We fought hard, we fought tirelessly, and in the face of media black outs, monumental opposition, and the arrogant ignorance of the establishment, the Ron Paul movement - the liberty movement as a whole has grown.

During this last half-decade since the good Dr. announced his run for president, many individuals like you and me have felt called upon to get out there and spread the word. To work hard to ensure that, despite the media and the establishment doing all within it's power to marginalize him, that Ron Paul's message was heard.

As a former neo-con, matriculated into the movement through the disgust and disappointment of the Republican establishment and the psyop of the tea party movement, I have met many Ron Paul supporters, many agorists, libertarians, freedom-fighters, and liberty-loving patriots in this movement.

We have had our ups and our downs throughout these two presidential campaigns. There is no dismissing the disappointment we feel when we admit that Ron Paul will likely not be our president in 2012. However, with this recognition comes something greater - a calling. A calling to step up to the plate. Dr. Paul is 76 years old and has fought the good fight for more than 30 years. He is now passing the baton and it is up to us to take it from here.

As I mentioned I have met many patriots I would call family, many liberty-lovers I would go to battle with, and among them two have shone bright.

In my little town of Houston, Texas, Jonathan Kocurek and Chad Creighton have been bastions of liberty. They have tirelessly worked for not only Dr. Paul, but liberty candidates at every level of government, including the 2010 Texas governor's race where they put their reputations on the line for Debra Medina - a patriot thrown under the bus and marginalized by the media throughout her campaign. When it seemed like she could force a run-off, that she could actually take the governor's mansion away from the nation's longest serving governor, poster child for the corporatocracy that is the USofA, an all out smear campaign was launched, thwarting both her chances and the months of dedicated hard work that these two men put in. Alas, she finished her run for governor with 18.6% of the vote and many of us were distraught.

But not these gentlemen. They picked right back up where they left off in 2008, campaigning hard for Dr. Paul at sign waves, as delegates to their conventions. Chad as a precinct chairman for the Republican Party, passed out flyers, constitutions, and stood - hours on end - over Interstate 59 holding "end the fed" and "ron paul 2012" signs. They both would skip nights of sleep to spray paint on tyvec they bought with the wages from their day jobs.

I am proud to say that their dedication is not unique - it is typical. They are what we have come to refer to as… "Paulers"

In addition to their steadfast dedication, Chad and Jonathan also have demonstrated their prowess as communicators, leaders, and (something I surely can't do) their ability to put up with neo-con BS all around them. And this skill set has paid off. In 2012, they both secured nominations and elections to the RNC in Tampa as National Delegates for Dr. Paul.

As if the time and money they have already given aren't sacrifice enough, the money and media being poured into Tampa this August has driven up the cost of attending such an event. In order for these two future-leaders of our movement to go and make our voice heard, to contribute to the platform, to cast their vote for Dr. Paul if we can get a brokered convention, to be in front of every camera, every microphone, every notepad that the media has there, showing the nation -- the world, that the cause of liberty is alive and strong in America, is by no measure small.

I implore you to do as I have and find some way to contribute to their cause. Any donation, even if it is just the $5 you would spend at Starbucks, or the $1 you would spend at McDonalds, or and ounce of silver you have been saving for the right occasion, the right mission - please give.

If you will visit http://libertydelegate.us/ you will find more information on these two Texas patriots. I encourage you to read about them and to watch the videos. Jonathan's speech at the End the Fed rally in 2009 will get your heart pumping and Chad's role in "Real Man of Genius - Ron Paul Supporter" will have you laughing in agreement. These young men are the future of our movement and deserve your support.

If for no other reason, at least you can say you gave money to Chad Creighton - a man willing to strip down to his underwear on youtube for Ron Paul.

In Liberty,

Trey Stinnett
Ron Paul Swag