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Obama-Nero plays golf as America burns down.

A very interesting similarity between the Roman Emperors and our president. Keep in mind the Emperors who became Tyrants in Rome were eventually assassinated, in extremely gruesome deaths, I pray this ends peacefully and Ron Paul wins, were just beginning to see Obama's true colors, he is ruthless, and God I hope so much were not going to see him take his bloodlust upon us, and one thing that ppl should know about these events is those closet to the emperors or even their own security or military police, The praetorian guard were the ones to finish them off, and they were feared by the people, but even they decided that there psycho leaders had to go

The worse Obama gets, I wonder if the elite military forces, senate, the high military order, would conspire to impeach him or even worse, have him hanged, history ALWAYS repeats itself, and he is pissing so many people off, this is too similar to Caligula, Domitian, and even Commodus, The Bankers will ditch him for sure when the military rises up, to especially escape a similar fate, the elite pretty much will turn against eachother, they already are




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Just to point out, Nero didnt

Just to point out, Nero didnt actually play a fiddle. In fact, fiddles hadnt been invented yet.
The statement comes from fiddling around, as in being ineffective. So yea, he fiddled while Rome burned, but it didnt have anything to do with music.

Something interesting though. Nero did pass out food and open up his palace(s) to the residents to try and help the people displaced. Interestingly, Obama, like Nero, is trying to pass the wealth around and help people during this time of crisis.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

yawn . . . .

another GOPer here at the dailypaul trying to get everyone to HATE obama.
Well patrioteyes, I have a VERY close comparison for this. It goes like this.
There once was a millionaire born to Governor/HUD Secretary Mr. romney, named mitt, born silver spoon in mouth.
He demonstrated FOR the draft so the lesser folk would go die for his party and country
Of course HE had a "missionary trip" to go on during that same time.
Where you ask?
Zimbobwe? Yemen? ethiopia? China? Pakistan? no all wrong my friend
wait, maybe New Guinea? Ukraine? romania?
no, no, no not even close

France and yes, the Bordeaux region of france nontheless.
whats that? Where'd he live/stay? in a tent? cabin? no no no
a castle complete with a Spanish chef.

So, PLEASE get off the obama is evil bullcrap!! Please grow up and bring something more to this site than that.
If you think obama is worse than bush or romney you REALLY need to educate yourself.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

LOL your a goof

If you had any knowledge of Psychology, you would understand the current situation were dealing with, I have made the same case against Mitt Romney with whoever I talk to outside of DP, sorry if your head is that far up your ass to not think for a sec,

did I say hate Obama?, I have colleagues who we've made psychoanalysis on these leaders, Go read political ponerology, and they diagnose perfectly for psychopathy, there is nothing evil about what I am saying, Stop talking out of your ass!, This is the REALITY, Did I say he's worse than bush or Romney, once again, you put words in my mouth, this is history repeating itself, I dont give a rat's ass if you don't agree, Stop and realize it's a warning of what might come to the US the more he's in power, Please stop making damn assumptions

Im not making assumptions

Im pointing out that you're following the hannitty and limbaugh approach to what they do.
Its very simple.
When bush did xyz NOTHING was heard, not a word, crickets.
instead, they push his crap book, etc., etc. filling the role of his PR and marketing staff.

when obama does xyz the same way, they paint him as communist, clueless or worse, thereby making him appear to be worse than bush.

I think you should read. I didnt say YOU are evil and I didnt say you hated obama.

Realize it's a warning??
I'm aware of what will come to this country if either he OR romney are president. given that fact that you cannot deny, what's your freakin point of your post?

by the way, from your post, I dont think you were born/raised in the US were you?

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Colorado and Washington, thats all I will say

due to certain circumstances I keep certain stuff to myself if you understand, but make no mistake, I am just as american as you, Ron Paul and anyone else, I am ready to give everything to our nation so we can live in peace, if worst comes to worst, you have to be prepared And when people warn others that our nation's course is similar to Nazi Germany, are they evil?, are they acting like Hannity, there trying to warn you, warn you that history has a nasty way or repeating itself, Im not here to have you hate Obama, or Bush, but few realize the psychological side of this current mess we are in. Whats my point?, my point is be prepared for the worst. It is in no intention for me to spread hate, You know how much knowledge, education, lectures I share, and spread to so many, do you know how many people boo me, or ignore me or call me crazy because they dont want to hear the truth, how frustrating it is for me to accept that some hate hearing this shit i tell them, even those close to you, I come here to DP because We can all relate, and share much in common, not to hate eachother, I have never faltered or changed my stance on RP winning, and I intend to Remain Consistent with it

While Obama wields the executive pen, and sword of WAR,

who is pulling his puppet strings in the background? This all began before Obama and goes back to an agenda that was set in motion with the "excuse" of 9/11. In fact George Bush Senior makes reference to a NWO when he was president and there are rumors of a plan in his day. The agenda unfolds, and Romney appears to be their next choice. God help us because Romney is even more ruthless, and less intelligent, although Obama is quite bad enough.

Ron Paul for president, PLEASE!