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An old idea from Joseph Stalin for the American presidential election process

Communist party that calls itself the Democratic party and socialist party that calls itself the Republican party should merge into one party.

In the late 1940's Joseph Stalin had a terrific idea.
He told socialist and communist parties in several nations to stage so caled Unity Congress events and select only singular candidates for the heads of state.
It worked perfect.
From then on in each country elections had only one name on the ballot and the candidate in each case received 98% or more of the total votes cast.

I propose first of all:

# Delegates to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and Republican National Convention (RNC) to hold just one convention together.
This 'Unity Convention' then selects only one candidate.
The candidate is pre-selected before the convention by largest campaign donors with Goldman Sachs at the helm of the selecting process.

# Presidential debates to be held at the CNN studio in Atlanta.
Five political pundits to take part in it.
The presumptive president does not need to take part in these debates.

On election day one candidate on the ballot officially becomes the president.

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