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Police encounter video upload site idea

After watching the recent video of the pastor getting beaten by boarder patrol, it occurred to me that we need a website dedicated to live uploading of our police encounters. This way if a cop successfully deletes your recording, there would be a backup already posted online. If there already is such a website, please share!

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"Qik" is a free app for your

"Qik" is a free app for your cell phone which allows you to live stream video recordings which can be watch via the Qik website.

USTREAM is another good option.. you can stream from an ipad, android, iphone and some panasonic tv's.

Justin.tv is another good site

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Site with related info.

Author of the site was interviewed by Ernest (dimecard) Hancock of freedomsphoenix.com today and here is the archive.


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Cloud backup

Using a remote storage setup such as Dropbox can help as well. It would not post immediately, but it would upload to their server and place a copy automatically on your PC.

I think it was mentioned on here that the ACLU just released an app that records secretly so that no one could take the device, find the file and delete it. It automatically uploads a copy to their server as well.


If you don't trust the ACLU, I found a couple of secret recorder apps in the Android store. Itunes probably has some as well.

Check out Qik. You can stream

Check out Qik. You can stream videos to the web in "private" mode. They are password-protected on the web.

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Yup. Done

Copwatch is indeed a banner site run by one of us.

The ACLU app has been linked. Here's another one in development, this from Carlos Miller over at PNAC.


Facebook is RIFE with anti-TSA profiles, check them out.

And don't forget youtube.

There are so many lists of TSA abuses it's hard to count them, let alone the abuses. Here's just one:


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That ap shares your vid with

That ap shares your vid with the ACLU. I use Qik and stream the video as private. If I ever need a police video, I want my lawyer to be the first to see it. One needs a password to delete it (if they know it is there).

One thing it does not have is stealth mode.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln


Although I searched for that app, by name, on my iphone and it didn't come up. Will certainly search again.

Also: www.copwatch.org

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Go to you-tube

Does UStream do that?

You could be streaming the video live as it happens but I'm not sure what's involved in uploading it to your UStream channel account. Would be great if it did it as soon as the recording stopped.

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