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Absolute Proof That 9/11 Was A 9/11 For 9/11 9/11 and 9/11

9/11 was an inside out! 9/11 is what it's all about. 9/11 not Ron Paul. Paint 9/11 on every wall.

Teach children to sing 9/11 or say they'll never get to heaven.

Let 9/11 ring from every shore, shouted from every window and every door.

Go to baking class and talk about 9/11 and how without it bread won't leaven.

Crops will wither up and die without 9/11 in the sky. Deer will not foal and the cow's milk will sour if we don't repeat 9/11 every hour.

Repeat 9/11 like a mantra a million times and one more, cause you so want ta.

And remember to downvote every post that don't say 9/11 more than most.

9/11 to you today, 9/11 your evening away and pray to sleep with 9/11. Wake up and say the same. Little brethren.

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A little something to go along with all the other 9/11 noise

hey why not?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

names have effect

you are affected by smoke. smudge = noun,
1. a dirty mark or smear.
2. a smeary state.
3. a stifling smoke.
verb =
9. to smolder or smoke; emit smoke, as a smudge pot.