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I KNOW you guys realize this, but posting anyway, UPDATE...

theGranger has come on several forum topics, posted very arrogant, antognizing things, then turns around and deletes those comments after the responder responds. It has happened on several occasions and several forum topics.

I have told her she is being patronizing. She has called people trolls, deleted the words and then came back and said "I never called anyone a troll." She has acted as if her way of getting involved is superior to anyone elses. What do we do to fix this? It is great we are growing in numbers, but it is sad when we lose people.

This is her most recent comment that I copied before she could change it. This is with regard to those individuals that are in support of the grassroots fight.

"I don't believe it's fame and fortune that motivates them
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I believe what motivates them is the desire to "kill" the GOP and deliver the USA into a NWO, under ONE Party, like Communist China's."

I suggest you do the same thing and copy her posts before you respond to her. I have witnessed this first hand.

I know we have to all have our own way of getting involved. I know that we here on the dailypaul have worked hard:

phone from home
attending rallies and sign waves
running for office
central committee meetings
chairs, vice chairs, treasurers of the Republicans
calling from home
writing letters to the editors
becoming delegates
attending precinct meetings and caucuses
making videos
creating live radio and youtube broadcasts
creating websites
join a lawsuit
work with the campaign
buy SuperBrochures for states like Iowa, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Florida, and Nevada

Some have done all of the above and I have had the pleasure of working with these people. BUT to assume that you know the best way to work with this grassroots group and become part of the Republican GOP better than any one else and blog about it in every forum topic that you disagree with is insane. It takes ALL of us and ALL types.

To post something like that in general to the public of the dailypaul is irresponsible and insulting.

We have all done something, if not every thing on the above list. I thank you and do not have any insults to throw at you for not deciding to participate in anything on the above list. I know it takes more individuals doing more of these things to awaken our great country. It will take ALL of us to win our country back.

Help us get Nebraska to be ran fair and pray that noone gets hurt.

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I admit and stand by what you copied and posted.

THAT IS MY POST and in addition, do believe upon further thought, you work for the Democrats.

Copy this and post it everywhere.

And please don't forget: Do what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do:

Get a seat on YOUR GOP Central Committee

Respectfully posted with ALL sincerity:
The Granger

I do not delete my comments

If there is a way to delete comments I have made after someone has responded, I do not know how to do that, and would not anyways.

I stand by what I say with conviction, dyslexia misspellings, poor grammer and all, because I LOVE Ron Paul, LOVE his campaign, LOVE the rEVOLution, LOVE God, LOVE America, and enjoy a good fight.

This is a good fight and I'm in.

I am not deleting anything I have written.

Have a great posting day!!

Very good info and I am glad you posted this.

Some people are calling those that post against some factions are "trolls".

Well, they found this post.

Now they have downvoted it. It is so great to see that we have gained so many, BUT when we lose people it makes me sad.

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

I noticed this post was off topic. I really think that this

could not be more ON topic. Could you change it? thanks.

Another derogatory comment here:

Vote down!

Whaddya Get When You:

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Combine Coca-Cola and FedUpWithTheFed?


Remember to call Richard tonight.
He worries so about you....and me..and all that cash he coulda had.


I can try, I am very new at this sort of thing.

Do you even get the comment? hmmm, strange, why are they attacking so hard, what are they afraid of? What if we win.... ?

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

Just received this and thought it was worth posting

I had a good talk with Richard Gilbert, of the "Lawyers for Ron Paul," this morning. I'm telling you, several times during our conversation, chills ran up my spine, the possibilities are so exciting. This suit in the 9th Circuit could be the biggest decision of our lifetime. All of us have devoted thousands of hours to this cause, lots of money, and even more - our hearts. You MUST enjoin on this suit if you were at least a Precinct Delegate. If you don't, you have no idea of how you've dropped the ball at the most critical time. The nomination at Tampa is riding on this suit, and a decision in our favor will rock the world. So, if you haven't sent Richard your information - DO IT! If you did, and you didn't put your title, please resend with that information & tell him why you're resending.

Cynthia Kennedy

If you want to be part of this please email richardattorney@gmail.com with your name and your position and phone number, see examples below:

1. Name
2. Phone #
3. Email address
4. State of which your are a citizen & County
5. Title: National Delegate, Alternate National Delegate, State Delegate/County Delegate, Precinct Delegate

The affidavits can come later. This must be done now!

NOTE: You do not need to be a national or state delegate, but you have to be more than just a voter in a caucus or primary. For instance, you have to of had to be at least a Precinct Delegate to your County Convention.

Remember email Richard and include your name, your position, and your phone number letting him know you would like to be a plaintiff.

thanks for the heads up with this regard.

I noticed the exact same thing. I let the frustration get to me and posted something that I actually thought might wake her up to her insults, but it did not help, just made it worse.

Anyway, I know the above list has been done by me. I have spent 24-7 on most of those things for the past year. It will take all of us doing at least a few things on the list. The past 25 years I have tried to inform others. attended JBS and tax revolt as a child. So, to assume I am stupid to the process is insulting. Thank you for not assuming.

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U

3steps, I witnessed all the work you put in to this entire

campaign. I cannot stand to see those insults being thrown your way.

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

Deleting your comments or editing can be done right away

and sometimes even later. I have done it many times when I have typed to fast and made errors.

Thank you for helping me to be aware of this. I know that I have seen several people who have posted with this regard and are quite upset. When I first saw this I thought maybe she was having a bad day, but then I witnessed her patronizing myself and always on posts regarding the suit and she wants to support Romney.

From now on, I will ignore her posts. I was responding, but no thank you.

I tried to delete some of my comments and

it won't let me. If I double post something, how do I delete it?

Seen the same thing, I have not posted on here very much,

but the last few days I started my first post. I have been mostly reading for the past 4-5 years. I see my edit key there and sometimes it only says reply.

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

I have noticed that most of the time you have to edit right away

but other times i have gone back in and removed and entire comment. I have not been able to do it every time, but I am not that computer savy.

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U