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Does Mitt Romney has a Koch Problem? (Coke)

Here is a great little video of the activist protesters at the Koch beach house in Southampton, NY.


Great to see examples of Citizen Activists...
AND Do you Agree?

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Missing the mark

It is unfortunate that the Koch brothers are supporting Romney, but this video misses the mark. The underlying assumptions of this MoveOn.org video are that capitalism is bad and that corporations are bad. The truth of the matter is that free market capitalism is not bad and not all corporations are bad. We must distinguish between free market capitalism and crony capitalism. We must also distinguish between the corporations that promote socialism and those that promote liberty.

The Koch family, although occasionally misguided, is much friendlier to liberty and free markets than 98% of corporate America. Of course this is why MoveOn.org dislikes them.

For Liberty

Moveon.org sucks

Just as bad as the Koch Brothers.

First off find this group

First off find this group hypocritical in its attack on the Koch brothers, when it is put on by a group supported by George Soros. While I don't care for Romney and will never vote for him, I feel the Koch brothers or anyone for that matter has a right to donate what ever they want in support of their candidate.

Now on the other side of it, if Romney some how got elected(I don't think he will) and he gave benefits to the koch brothers through legislation(targeted advantages)(lowering all taxes or all business taxes etc is not a targeted advantage) etc that I do have major problems with. But again the progressives in the video fall into this same crap and thats why they are hypocrits, giving money to the unions in bailouts or how about all the money they give out to green companies or drug companies etc.