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"How I Said No To The Automatic Social Security Number"

An amazing story I found while perusing the net. IT IS possible to keep our children from the grasp of Social Security.

This is the story of how I successfully refused to accept a Social Security Number for my child.

I simply said 'no.'

Really. That's how easy it was. I just said no, again, and again.

On the Texas Application for Birth Certificate, which I was unable to get a copy of for this article, there is a check box down at the bottom of the page. It says, and I'm paraphrasing, 'Check here to have your child assigned a Social Security Number.'

A day or two after my daughter was born, a girl walked into our recovery room with a folder of papers and brochures. There were all kinds of release forms and medical advice and, of course, the birth certificate application. I had a pretty good idea which forms were required for our insurance. We filled those out, leaving off everything but the barest minimum required information. Then we got to the birth certificate, with the incongruous SSN checkbox stuck into a corner at the bottom of the second page. I left it blank, of course. I suspected what was going to happen, and when the hospital admin returned the forms to us to put our final signatures on, someone had very considerately checked the box for us.

My wife pointed out that we deliberately left the checkbox blank and that we did not want our child assigned a Social Security Number. The hospital admin blinked. That funny look came across her eyes. You know the one; that purple confusion that occurs when someone who is accustomed to people doing what she says suddenly slams into a brick wall of opposition? That was she.

'I ' I don't know how to do that,' she stammered.

Of course she knew how to do it. When you get to that matching field on the computer screen, you leave it blank! She just never had an opportunity to try. Her lucky day to learn something new!

I shrugged. 'Not my problem,' my shrug implied. She gathered up the papers, frustrated and annoyed, and left. We had obviously tossed a minor foible her way. Damn new parents. Always wanting everything just the way they want it.

I turned around to see my mother-in-law, who is the quintessential 'Patriotic American'', trying to burn holes through me with her eyes. She had overheard the quibble about the Social Security Number and her patriotic duty was flying full mast (this was not too long after the September 11 massacre). Her cultural upbringing prevented her from actually voicing the question, so I just answered without waiting for her to speak.

'It's her choice,' I said, turning my head to my newborn.

'Social Security is voluntary. It's a contract. She's not old enough to understand it or make an informed decision. So, we believe it's a decision that should be left to her. She can always sign up when she's older, and knows what she's getting into.'

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We did that with our two kids also.

Of course as soon as they wanted to get jobs, they had to get SS numbers, but at least it was their choice.


A W-8BEN could have been provided to demonstrate that they were non-taxpayers with no filing requirement from the employer. The choice would still be of the employer to hire or not. However, we know a number is not required to live or work in a free country.

bless you bimmylee

... NEVER let your child be assigned a NWO tracking number. Never let your child be counted as collateral against the 1933 bankruptcy of America.


NEVER get a driver's license.
NEVER get a marriage license>
NEVER get a license to use a god-given plant for whatever purpose you see fit.
NEVER get a license to defend yourself.

Just ... say ... NO

Unlike this, you unfortunatly

Unlike this, you unfortunatly need a drivers license if you expect to drive anywhere. Not to mention a gun license is still needed. I doubt that anyone who challenged either of those would be walking free for very long if discovered regardless of what they thought.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

cower in fear, wimp

... may your slave chains rest lightly upon your ankles a soon-to-be-completed FEMA camp has your name on it

So when your state dictates

So when your state dictates that you must have a license to drive and you get pulled over without having said license, you believe that the cop that pulls you will just let you off? Ok, granted, maybe in the first instance and you will get a letter explaining you owe a ticket which you could ignore. But second or third time they will be trying to arrest you.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Check out some of DP member juliusbragg's

threads on that subject....




You definitely can travel freely but you must know the law and be able to assert your rights belligerently when confronted by ignorant code enforcers.

with wimps like you

... who needs slaves?

By the way, I ceased having a drivers license by choice over four years ago.

Did you know

I never had a SS# until I wanted to go to work part time at a drug store soda fountain when I was fourteen. I'm 60 years old.

Here is another one for you. I actually have two SS#'s. Yup, It's the truth. I got the first one at fourteen to get a work permit. Years later being just a kid lost the first one so I just went in an applied for another one. Now when I get that letter every years that tells you how much you will get for SS when you retire they have both numbers listed.

I have to wonder just what

I have to wonder just what the outcome of that will be in the future. I know that so many things require a social security number today. Not that I have ever tried to get out of putting one down; dont see a point, its already assigned to me.
I will be sure to keep this in mind.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Just wondering

is there a way to opt out, i wish my parents didn't give me one when i moved from Canada with them.

Just opt out

The ss# is a voluntary contract that provides you with the privileges and benefits of the federal government. As a voluntary trustee of that number,
you are acting as a public person and a US Citizen. Native born peoples are State Nationals or nonresident aliens in the tax code and non taxpayers. It is a choice we can make. Remember, our Country was founded as a free land and it still is if you are diligent enough to learn how to live free. The internet provides us with all the information to lawfully free ourselves once again. A good place to start if you want to be self governing is SEDM.org at the path to freedom.


You cannot get rid of your number once it has been assigned to you ... as this has been described to me. You can stop using your government slave number but the government will keep using it.

The SSN was originally "sold" to the gullible post-depression America with the assurance that it would NEVER be used for identification purposes. Remember that when you sign up for Obamneycare . . .

They "promise" there are no "death panels" ... really

can the baby be listed as a dependent on tax return w/o a SS #?

I'm thinking I heard that's how they're getting people to apply for their newborns right away.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Yep, that's where the IRS will get him

If he tries to claim a dependent w/o a SSN. Good luck w/that.

Don't worry, everything that the US Government really, really wants enforced - like Obamacare, passport / citizenship renunciation and of course dependent tax deductions, are linked to the SS....er I mean IRS....to take care of. Guilty until proven innocent and your life is hosed.


the article says no, but he only has to pay an extra 300-400

the IRS

... is not even part of the US government. It is a private off-shore entity based out of Puerto Rico set up by international banksters. They have yet to even define the word "income" in their thousands of pages of legalese.

{sarc} So by all means do whatever they tell you {sarc/off}


anyone have a link to info on the advantages of not having a social security number? the article says she wont have to pay income tax, which doesn't seem to be the case to me. maybe she wont have social security automatically deducted? a tutorial on live without social security number would be great if u have a link

a little info

one person here says u cant even avoid social security deductions

something about the bible

Social Security is Not a Contract:

Great read, thanks for sharing. More parents need to understand their rights and not fall prey to the ponzi-scheme.

Just wanted to give others who read that last paragraph stating it was a contract, some ammunition for future use, just in case they are ever hoodwinked into believing it actually is a contract; it is not.


I couldn't believe my eyes

as I read that story. I wonder how long it will be before opting out for your newborn won't even be possible.

Also, excellent distinction; SS certainly isn't a contract, that was a good catch.

Opting Out Must Always Remain an Option.

What is SS offering? You give them the okay to take ya-so-many dollars a week out of your paycheck, for what?

So that one day 50 years down the road, if the money is available, the government will send you back a percentage of the money you gave them?

The whole thing is just a ridiculous ponzi-scheme. They cannot force you into anything. They may 'coerce' you into it; trick you into it, but they can't FORCE anything onto you, or your children for that matter.

And the day it becomes a contract (which will never happen), there must be some valuable consideration in the deal for both parties.

How are they going to pull that one off? The government is nothing but a giant sucking machine, that steals and pillages; it produces nothing and steals everything.

Glad to see that Mother stuck to her guns; but even for the Mothers that weren't aware and are some day faced by the beast, now they have some ammunition (proof) that SS certainly is not a contract.