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UPDATE: Phoenix Pastor Sentenced 60-days In Jail For Holding Home Bible Study

Phoenix Pastor Sentenced 60-days In Jail For Holding Home Bible Study

"The pastor in Phoenix, Arizona that was sentenced to 60-days incarceration for holding worship meetings on his private property is now in jail..........................................."
READ THE REST HERE: http://libertychatter.com/phoenix-pastor-sentenced-60-days-i...

Sign the Petition to Free Michael Salman at Change.org

For your information update.

I called the Maricopa County jail, and confirmed that Michael Salman is currently incarcerated at the Tent City facility. The phone number is :1 (602)-876-0322 ext.2. Then I also called Sheriff Joe Arapio’s office and talked to administrative officals there to apprise them of the situation. Left my name and number with a comment. The general comment line for the Sheriff’s office is: 1 (602) 876 -1801..then press ext 7, for recording a comment or 6 to get a live person in administration. This is something I believe that all pastors should be encouraged to be informed about, and get active over. I hope that this information helps.


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It's still a Liberty Issue

Interesting... But even if all that were true (which I don't see any evidence of the claims) The man is sstill in jail on a Liberty Issue....

He is being raped by the city.