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"President Barack Obama expanded his lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney to six percentage points in the White House race this month as voters became slightly more optimistic about the economy, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Tuesday.

Four months before the November six election, Obama leads Romney among registered voters 49 percent to 43 percent. In June, Obama held a slim 1-point lead over the former Massachusetts governor."



So I've trying for a few months now to spread the word about Ron Paul in New Zealand news - MSM (Stuff.co.nz, NZ Herald etc.) seem very resistant, but a few bloggers like Cam Slater (Whale Oil) have picked up on what's happening.

As expected, our MSM here seems bent on running with false stories, even copied from Reuters, as follows:

"The shift follows a low point for Obama in June as economic worries deepened and Romney consolidated Republican support after clinching the party nomination to challenge him in November."

We haven't even gotten past the RNC, and now that they're bored of prematurely concluding that Romney is the nominee, they're shifting to a track of prematurely concluding he's lost the Election.

I'd expect no less. However, what got me thinking is whether this is a similar case around the world, and whether that fact could be used by our delegates in Tampa, by the Ron Paul campaign, etc. I'm thinking something along the lines of statements saying "The whole world knows Romney can't beat Obama. RON PAUL 2012".

So, for those outside the US, what is your media reporting across the news, blogs, talkback etc.? And for those in the US, is this something the Liberty movement could use to our advantage?

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