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woohoo! raw milk.

I am so excited! New neighbors just dropped by. They have a cow and I am going to start getting raw milk from them. Is that great or what. Where I live you can buy raw goats milk but not raw cow's milk. For raw goat's milk I would have to drive almost 40 miles 1 way. I am so thrilled!

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Well let me think.

I eat cereal... it tastes better with milk.
I love milkshakes... they require milk.
I make mashed potatoes... they need milk.
And yes I drink milk on occasion all by itself.

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You can't be serious

All of those things can be made with rice milk, almond milk, soy milk, hempseed milk in vanilla or chocolate or frozen non-dairy desserts. What planet are you living on that you've never heard of these things? Mindboggling...

One of the things you can

One of the things you can make with soy milk is....cancer.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.


Yes I have heard of these things. I prefer raw milk. Thank you

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Don't forget

Peanut butter and jelly...a must.

Yes...and with cookies, too!

Yes...and with cookies, too!

I am officially jealous.

I am officially jealous.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.


To woo or to moo. That is the question.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.



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I finally got the hook-up now

I finally got the hook-up now too. So good. I will never milk from a typical grocery store again. Anyone try make their own butter yet?

I'm 46 and recall going to a farm with my grandfather to

buy raw milk. He'd take a gallon glass jar & quarters (50 or 75 cents?)and the guy would trade a clean empty jar for a jar filled with fresh milk. You'd have to skim the top sometimes.
Living in a free country was great.

When I was a kid we bought

When I was a kid we bought raw milk at a dairy or got it from my aunt who lived on a farm. I loved staying with my aunt over the summer because of the milk and fresh eggs. Another great thing was all the newly hatched chicks. Rattle snakes kind of sucked tho.

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Nigerian Dwarf goats are

Nigerian Dwarf goats are small, about the size of a medium dog, and they produce a lot of very good milk. We live in the city and keep three in milk.


How much do they produce and how does the taste compare to cow milk?

The first year our main

The first year our main female put out about a cup and a half a day. this is her second go round and she is putting out 2 cups a day and should increase a little bit on her next. We would probably get more if we totally separated the babies and milked her twice a day.

I was skeptical when we first started but when I tasted the milk I was sold. It actually does not have much cream but is sweet. Imagine a really great tasting 2% milk. I haven't had cows milk since but i was never a big fan of it. Some people that have problems digesting cows milk don't have the same problems with goats milk, although that may not be true with unpasteurized cows milk.


It's hard to come by now living in a city.

Hopefully you're doing it legally...

depending on your State, you may need to buy into a share of the herd, or buy a share of the cow, then you can pay them to feed/milk your cow.

While this is the sad state of affairs we live in, it is reality.

I fully support your right to drink raw milk, but do it legally or don't speak about it publicly. Otherwise, you could get your neighbor in a heap of trouble. SWAT raids and all.

Enjoy the delicious milk, as nature intended it !!

It is a gift.

They are not selling it. I will return gifts to them to thank them.
No cash will ever change hands.
Thank you for the link. Yes it is "allowed" here but no one sells it!

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