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Anwar Al-awlaki: What the media and government won't show you


Footage of Anwar Al-awlaki in October 2001 discussing the deaths of innocent civilians in the U.S. and Middle East.

Awlaki, a U.S. citizen born in New Mexico, was assassinated by a U.S. drone strike in Yemen on September 30, 2011. Al-awlaki was on the CIA’s hit list, signed off by the Obama Administration, for 17 months prior to his assassination. No evidence was ever presented against him in court, his citizenship was never revoked, and he was given no opportunity to exercise his constitutionally-guaranteed rights to due process and a fair trial.


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rThis Amercan citizen and his son were reported as killed.

Extra judicial murder by the executive branch.

What he said is irrelevant under the 1st Amendment which isn't so we can talk about the weather.

If it was a religious killing then another infringment of the 1st amendment.

His murder violated his right to be secure in his person. 4th Amendment.

He was denied due process and his life take without compensation a 5th Amendment violation.

Is death by drone cruel and unusual punishment, and 8th Amendment violation.

This Government is nothing but cruel and abusive if it does not address these Genevieve by swinging the criminals from the gallows.

Free includes debt-free!

Worldwide roundtable? never

Worldwide roundtable? never heard of it...but if you mean a sect of extremists feel this way, sure. But that would be like taking the words of the KKK and implying this was global Christian ideology.

The chances of you dying by terrorism are close to your chances of winning the lottery. The media has manipulated the public's psyche into believing this to be our number one threat. (watch the "power of nightmares" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt-FyuuWlWQ)

Fact is, you are more likely to be killed during a hospital visit than a terrorist act. Heck, you might even be struck by lightning a few times first.

Killing an American

citizen without a trial is wrong. But this video takes one section of something rational this man said and is being used to paint him as some innocent, pro American constitution, peace activist. Wake up, you can be a libertarian and still be opposed to extreme Islamism. The threat to America is real, but the way we are going about it (wars all over, neocon narrative) is wrong.

I would be careful of blindly throwing your support behind people who use a few rational thoughts one time in their life...

I could agree with you and Fox News.

But then we all would be wrong.

Free includes debt-free!

This video makes me think

This video makes me think about what his day in court would have sounded like.

I know very little about this guy. Mostly what the media has spooned to me. This video sure doesn't fit that narrative. I recall something about a CIA connection. Why is it all these bad guys have a CIA connection?

The NDAA is much like the gun owner rule of dealing with an intruder. Don't wound them make the shot count... They can't put up much of a case from the grave.

I do know that a death penalty with out a day in court is as wrong as wrong gets.


I just found myself agreeing with just about everything that guy said. Does that mean I can expect a drone strike on me later on this afternoon??

Everyone Loves LIBERTY - We need a global 1776 - We need to be left alone and to leave other people alone.

Blessed are the peacemakers

Did we see Osama's body?

So who is saying this guy died also?

I personally don't believe anything that comes out of the WH or from the media, and I would hope you guys would do the same.

I think it is media and government spin to keep pumping up the drone issue.

nope, and last I heard seal

nope, and last I heard seal team 6 died in a copter crash in afghanistan, so now there's probably no one that can tell us any different.

pretty sure we must have gotten him, like at least captured. he cant go out in public if he is alive, and the only way i see that happening is if the government did something about that



so someone on the other side of the planet can't go outside. Like that would stop them from faking a death to get us to think Obama is anti-muslim.

Great post.

This was really enlightening. I like to think of myself as more informed than most, more able to see through warmongering, scaremongering propoganda than the average voter, but I still found myself surprised that al-awlaki was something other than a vicious demagogue who was inciting violence nonstop. It shows how insidious the propoganda is.

Granted, this is < 3:00 of what would probably be weeks worth of speeches that he's made, and he could have changed his bent significantly between 2001 and 2011 when they murdered him. Still, it's enough to show that right or wrong, this is a man who had his reasons for his position.

David, I checked out some of your other videos too and they're good stuff also. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for your feedback

Fiat Serf, appreciate the feedback. Will definitely keep it up in the search for truth and the fight for liberty. Glad you found this post enlightening!

Shames me to realize that I

Shames me to realize that I expected the same too. Very good post.

Tyrrany is here right now

It's just that they haven't put the final vice grip on us yet. Could this guy have been just an enemy of the state, and that's all? I can't believe that we have a government that's so totally out of control, to the point that even political leaders have no apparent remorse, even for that poor 16-year-old that they killed.

And I blame Big Media for never really reporting these details and for never showing the photo of this boy. What another sad day. I just can't believe it, you know?

Assassination without due

Assassination without due process is a slap in the face to the Constitution.

And there are still uninformed people who think just because he is Muslim/Islamic that his sole purpose in life is to kill us first...and turn a blind eye to his assassination.

When in reality this whole religious war is just another fabrication from the powers that be to control the population.

People need to realize they don't hate us because we are free or of different religion, they hate us because we occupy them. Dr. Paul has mentioned this on several occasions regarding foreign policy. He refers to a study by Robert Pape, "Dying to win".

#1 reason for suicide bombings...occupation.


They have specifically said

at worldwide roundtable discussions that they hate America because they think we are all homosexuals and perverts. All they see is what comes out of Hollywood and the TV.

I do not support this, just passing along that it isn't our freedom they hate, but the evil(their words) we spread around the world with our media and the military presence we have in their holy land.

I personally see both sides and it makes perfect sense to me. The threat by extreme Muslims is real, but the wars and neocon narrative isn't.

Holy freekin sheeeet!!!! I agree with this guy!

And Obama murdered him! Wow! Wow! Wow!....

Its like Emanual Goldstien has come back to speak the truth to 1984.

Well men, the answer to 1984, is 1776.

In Liberty,

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I will say just a few things...

His words (in themselves) are good...and I agree with the statements he is making about our haphazard involvement in the middle-east. But, that being said, I do not know what this man has been involved in or even if he has been involved in anything criminal...I just don't know the facts. But - if you listen to our President...and the media...you would think this guy planted bombs on every floor of the Twin Towers himself... As far as I know...he is not linked to a single crime of terrorism against the U.S. Which...by the way, a trial of an American citizen would hopefully find out. But he gets no trial and now have not a clue. We are supposed to sit back in our lazy-boy recliner...drinkin' a cold one and cheer "USA..USA..." and trust our government 100%.

What happens when the CIA goons or drones come after the free press reporters (what's left of them), or liberty believing leaders, or authors that write and speak of freedom and what we have lost? What happens when if you are a subscriber to the "Daily Paul" if you are automatically put on the watch list...???

Scary SHIT...

Our last couple of Presidents should be held in contempt of the Constitution of the United States and be held accountable for their blatant disregard for the rule of law.

When our country strays from the overall law of the land to suit the purpose of re-elections, over-seas agendas, or just good ole fashioned greed and power for the wealthy.... WE ALL LOSE....and we may never regain the country our ancestors fought so hard for.....

Your comments will be used against you...

He spoke of freedom from a tyrannical government. We say that alot on this site. those of us who have watched this and commented are now officially on the list. Set up?

Very possible...

I support freedom from tyranny, but in NO WAY do I consider myself agreeing with the hate and violence this man or ANY who support him. whaever comes from this mans mouth is PIG VOMIT and to watch this is like a dog returning to his own vomit to lick up.

His version of freedom is the complete opposite of mine and ours...

Truth is treason in an empire of lies



Truth is treason in an empire of lies


"Our position needs to be reiterated, and needs to be very clear. The fact that the U.S. has administered the death and homicide of over 1 million civilians in Iraq; the fact that the U.S. is supporting the deaths of killing of thousands of Palestinians, does not justify the killing of 1 U.S. civilian in New York City or Washington D.C. And the deaths of 6,000 civilians in New York and Washington D.C. does not justify the death of 1 civilian in Afghanistan." - Awlaki

You find this to be "pig vomit?"

His version of freedom...

Free to accept allah as the one true god. All those opposed will not be free. Also... I know that we are not all CIA... And I dont see where you got that.

But. Since we ARE moving towards tyranny and those who mention Liberty have a higher chance of being on the DHS list, do you not see that even watching this linked to this site could be an excuse to round you up with the rest down the road when we reach the point of no return?

What he says, in most other messages, about non muslims is IMO, pig vomit.

Sorry, not one to promote hate...

Truth is treason in an empire of lies

Spreading lies or rumors or gossip is hateful.

Everything on Fax News reports is a lie, a misdirection or a rumor.

Free includes debt-free!

i dont really know anything

i dont really know anything about the dealings this man has been involved with, but from this video i would not say hes the complete opposite of us.

As far as I know, he

As far as I know, he converted to more extreme beliefs since then. But correct me if I am wrong about that. In either case I am not trying to justify Obama's kill list. Far from it.


Kinda of like

a lot of us on here have converted to more extreme beliefs since joining the DP - LOL!!!

To make a connection

between libertarianism and extreme Islamism shows you lack some brain cells. Wow.

Lighten up Francis

It was a joke - hence the LOL. I made no connection to extreme "Islamism". I made a connection to how many on the DP have become much more liberty minded (extreme in the MSM mind set).

He was also a CXA asset


What do you think's going to happen when you dance with the devil?