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"Honor in office" Rally in DC less than a week away. This needs more coverage, now!

Fellow DP readers,

Jerrol LeBaron has been pushing hard to force legislators to actually read all the bills they sign into law.
This commonsensical issue, and the lack of its practice in the real world are what caused many ill concieved laws to make it through, and this has to stop, fast.

A rally occuring on the 17th of July, between 9:00AM-11:30AM in Washington, DC. at the south-eastern grounds of the Capitol (Independence S.E/First Street S.E.) (facebook: here ) is coming up soon. To date it has a paltry number of attendees, yet such an issue really deserves much more coverage and presence.

What is this about?

  • NO MORE adding hundreds of pages to a bill in the middle of the night and passing it hours later.
  • NO MORE "deals" made behind closed doors just before the vote.
  • NO MORE special interests influencing our laws at the last possible minute.
  • NO MORE bundling bills the way Wall Street bundles securities.

Jerrol is currently beating the press drums inviting all major news outlets, so press presence is likeley to occur, yet it is crucial for massess to attend the event so that it will be taken seriously by the MSM.

As long as legislators can make deals behind closed doors, can pass laws without having read and understood them or know the ramifications of passing such a law, and can vote on laws without providing advance notice to the citizens, our nation will always be in jeopardy and subject to political whims, pressures and special interests, rather than to the citizens.

No citizen, whether liberal or conservative, wants a poorly thought out law passed. So, we are converging on Capitol Hill July 17th (southeastern corner of the Capitol grounds) to demand Congressional Reform.

Proper due diligence on bills and transparency before-the-fact are key to having honest government of, by and for the people. At all levels of government, our politicians should know what they are passing into law. If they have nothing to hide and are truly proud of their work, they should have no problem showing us their handi-work well in advance of the final vote.

Both of the major parties need to step up and start doing a better job and that starts with requiring their candidates to independently study the problems the bills are supposed to solve, and seek input from the citizens they are supposed to be representing.

Please frontpage this post, and lets get some coverage for it.
If you have a reddit account, please spread the word there! I don't have an account and am not a redditor.


Liberty starts with understanding the laws, the members of congress and the house ought to live up to high standards!

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Something ALL Americans (except politicians) can agree on!

Wish I could be there. It's only a week away, but there's still time to spread awareness. It will only takes 10 minutes to google your county name and 1) tea party groups, 2) taxpayers' groups, 3) Republican Party clubs, and 4) Democratic Party clubs. Each will have "contact" info to which the links can be e-mailed with a message like...

Something I hope we can all agree on regardless of party affiliation: "Congress: READ THE BILLS." In case you aren't already aware, thought you might want to know about this D.C. rally.

Your Name

... At the very least, it will help spread awareness of the ISSUE.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
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I will try to make it from KY. Those in DC make some noise!


I hope that a sizable group does show up..its for an important cause

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