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A picture is worth a thousand words

Is there ANYTHING missing from this picture? You tell me.


About a half hour later:

Click on the pics and make them HUGE. Look closely because to me...something sure seems to be missing.

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The actual hole that the bomb

The actual hole that the bomb made is 16 x 21. Two fighter jets were coming in hot at a low angle to the Pentagon. The first dropped just barely above rooftop level, dropped the bomb, boom explosion and smoke, as the first jet quickly lifts up,up, and away continuing on at the same angle with the second jet following more closely behind.
I think it may have been a bunker buster because of the thickness and strength of the new walls.

Jessse Ventura Show on the Pentagon. I don't remember where in the show that part is. Make sure to view it full screen when you see the jets coming in. They will look like little blurs at the very top of frame, easily missed. Keep rolling it back until you catch them, and then keep your attention at the very top of the frames and you will see it.
Jesse didn't say anything about it. I haven't heard anyone but me who saw it. Anyway, here you go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrZ14NRbT-s&feature=player_em...

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention

the official story is that da plane "Vaporized" because of all the heat. Nuff Said!

"Dee Plane! Dee plane!"

"Dee Plane! Dee plane!"

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"Dee Wings! Dee Wings!

What the F happened to the Wings! Where was the impact from a planes wings?

What plane?

What plane?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.