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Drug made from toxic weed kills cancer

(US) — An experimental drug derived from a poisonous weed can travel harmlessly through the bloodstream until it detects cancer cells and kills them.

In laboratory studies, the researchers say, a three-day course of the drug G202 shrunk human prostate tumors grown in mice by an average of 50 percent within 30 days. It far outperformed docetaxel, a chemotherapy drug now used against prostate cancer, and was also highly effective against animal models of human breast cancer, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer.

The study by scientists at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center and from Denmark was published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

G202 is derived from Thapsia garganica, a weed that grows in the Mediterranean region. The plant makes a product—dubbed thapsigargin—that since the time of ancient Greece has been known to be toxic to animals. In Arab caravans, the plant was known as the “death carrot” because it would kill camels that ate it, the researchers noted.


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Is the way this works similar

Is the way this works similar to B17 from apple and apricot seeds? From what I've read, the seeds release cyonide into the blood stream which helps kill tumors, but it only affects tumors/caner cells and will not harm you otherwise.

The good news is

it's a marketable DRUG and with a lot of MONEY behind it. It's amazing how quickly there have been "Phase 1" clinical trials, with plans for now "Phase 2." How different from Dr. Burzynski's experiences with the FDA! Hmm. And I wonder if the patients in these clinical trials testing G202 (the test and control groups) will be forced to ALSO be in chemotherapy, concurrently - minimizing the difference between results.

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Oooohhhh, those EVIL Koch brothers, Charles and David:

"The work was supported by the Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and David Koch"

Seriously, this sounds very exciting. I'm saving the article (not just the link) in my health folder. The Internet may not always be there but I'll have my reference library backed up on various media and protected from EMP attack or massive CME blast.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Eat it you die, inject it into the blood stream and it travels

harmlessly along looking for cancer cells. I wonder what it does if it doesn't find any cancer cells?


It exits your body, looking for lying politicians.



; )


Pretty sure there was a news

Pretty sure there was a news story about a father using cannabis oil to cure his child of brain cancer.


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How Nice....

Now how about CURING DISEASE with the NON TOXIC GOD SEND the CANNABIS HEMP PLANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Oh thats right....we must demonize this non toxic flower and not use it for anything but a way to imprison people who indulge in it in a Non Toxic way...we damn sure cant be using this for an incredible FOOD or FIBER and how about them CLEAN BURNING FUELS from this non toxic beauty...cant for get about them..and as far as letting everyone grow THEEEE most medicinal plant that grows on our planet in our own BACK YARD for our own CURES...F&C% YOU !!!!!!!!!! We would rather ruin your life and imprison your sorry ass...SCREW BIG PHARMA and all there time wasting studies...we ALREADY have the CURE.

CANNABIS HEMP OIL IS A GOD SEND..a NON-TOXIC GOD SEND THAT SHOULD BE USED FOR EVERYTHING GOD INTENDED US TO USE IT FOR!!! (and yes I was shouting..there needs to be more people like myself who has spent thousands of hours reseaching this wonderful flower educating those who roll their eyes in dis belief...it truly is a crying shame we have been made to suffer and die for their greed. I hope Ive awaken a few people up on the Daily Paul...sometimes I wonder.

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE

You're not alone

Otto Diesel modeled his prototype to run on it, not that crap we name after him today. You can thank the lobbying power of standard oil back in the early 20th century for the illegality of hemp.