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Beer, Bullets & Harley Davidson's

Is that all America makes and creates anymore?

I think the biggest reason why the American economy is so bad today is because we do not make as many products as we used to.

Manufacturing is the backbone of capitalism...some guy named Alex Smith said that a very long time ago.

Want to help the American economy?

MAKE something, and then sell it. Because that is what we used to do, and it worked very, very well until the non producers got involved.....

Americans used to create, build, and manufacture PRODCUTS.

Made in the USA used to mean something. Now, it's a rarity.

Do you help make a product at your job? Services are one thing, and selling a product is another. But do you actually help MAKE something?

Chances are, no. And that's our problem. Americans used to make things, but now we don't. China does.

China produces the goods, and we provide the services.....

China is the ying, and we are the yang.

The, "means of production," have been seized by the state (government) in America (and China)....hence Gibson Guitars. How dare them try to make and sell a product without the government's approval? They could endanger some animal species you've never heard of before for Christ's sake.....

What do all of these professions have in common?

FBI agents, IRS employees, police officers, politicians, judges, lawyers, journalists, TV hosts, doctors, fire fighters, your local water authority employees, teachers, professors, guidance counselors, barbers, nail salons, DMV workers, state employees, federal employees, bank managers, car salesmen, plumbers, priests, hotel owners, sports stores, shoe shops, waiters, bartenders, AC and heating contractors, librarians, pharmaceutical reps, DJ's, secretaries, janitors, electricians, pilots, actors, atheletes, veterinarians, cab drivers, psychologists, grocery store clerks, postal workers, opticians, hair salons, insurance companies, food distributors, carpet stores, flower shops, exterminators..........

WHAT do they all have in common?

They don't make anything. They do not actually produce a physical product. They produce a service, but not a product.

Look at Germany after WWI with their economy in ruins. They recovered. How?

Look at Germany after WWII with their economy in ruins. They recoverd. How?

They produced and manufactured products.

Look at Germany now, in the middle of one of the worst European economic disasters in history. They're doing just fine, and almost all of Europe is looking at Germany for a bailout. Why?

Because they know how to make goods, and sell them.

An economy can not run on services alone.

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Absolutely true

I keep say the same things to many people and I also practice what I preach.
Without manufacturing we are going to be in big trouble. Many jobs will vanish and creativity goes down with it.


NAFTA CAFTA GATT FHAA... TIll then..... We make beer, bullets and HDs......

How can anyone manufacture something?

The regulations and cost of licenses shuts the door. Sell something with out the proper permission and you can face fines and jail.

Formerly rprevolutionist