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Ron Paul video by his supporters...

I made a post a day or so ago asking for a video from us here at the dailypaul that I could put together. Someone suggested that people like their privacy and that was why there was a low vote. So I decided to change things around so everyone that wants to be involved can have their privacy. You can send me a video, picture or just a text that you would like included and we could just use your dailypaul username for you. The video will have no copyrights or who it was made by so it is a free for all. I'd like to add music in the background that is included in my video editing software that I have rights to so it can not be flagged for copyrights. If you want involved, send what you feel most comfortable with to DrRonP2012@yahoo.com. I am putting the video on at www.youtube.com/DrRonP2012. This video is intended to get the Romney delegates to change their minds and all participants can have a copy of the raw video at their request. Ron Paul 2012!

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CRACKS me up... People are concerned with their privacy but they have fakebook accounts...... LOL I will Rec one and send ya.... Give me a day or two....


Take your time. Thanks for joining in!