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Canadians Join Lawyers for Ron Paul Federal Lawsuit Against GOP

Canadians Join Lawyers for Ron Paul Federal Lawsuit Against GOP

Lawyers for Ron Paul (LRP) file lawsuit against Republican GOP party that could be as explosive as the global banking fraud. Lawyers for Ron Paul believe they can present evidence of fraud used to favor Mitt Romney.

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Hey, I hope the WHOLE WORLD

joins this suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are you doing for it, except putting it down????????????



I am becoming convinced that you all are all robots.

I'm being serious.
“Canadians join Lawyers for Ron Paul Federal Lawsuit Against the GOP”
Where does it say anything about Canadians, other than in the title's exposition?
What does that even mean?
Why would Canadians being joining a U.S. Federal lawsuit?
Are you people going crazy?

What happened to your thread?

Did the DP get a threatening letter from a lawyer?

Have you been given an explanation?

GoodSamaritan's picture

I think I get it now...

This is like a 21st century version of Allen Funt's Candid Camera show.

Any moment now we'll see a thread titled, "Smile, you're on Candid Internet!"

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