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"Fema Coffins" conspiracy debunked

There has been alot of youtube talk/videos about "Fema" coffins which was shown on Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura and Alex Jones has mentioned about this quite a bit. The conspiracy is supposed to go along with the New World Order depopulation scenario. I am only debunking the supposed coffins part of it. It only took me a click to Wikipedia to debunk it. What they are actually are grave liners. Alex mentions grave liners in one of his videos but he didn't explain their purpose and that's where sensationalism takes over fact.
A grave liner is a large plastic box that all newer cemetarys are now required to use that the casket gets lowered into. Their purpose is to keep the ground from sinking in when heavy equipment like backhoes are digging the grave holes. See, grave digging is done by machine now, not by a guy with a shovel anymore and those machines are heavy which makes the ground sink in when you drive over other peoples graves. So all those "coffins" lined up is just a storage yard for grave liners.
I wrote to Alex and Jessie to try to clear this up but never heard back from them.

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Well you certainly cleared it up for me!

No, not really.

Listen to me closely. Just because the plastic coffins are used mainly to replace units in cemetaries, does not mean the Elite do not have intense desire to use it on us.

If by some chance a mass exodus of disease happened, they wouldn't want it going to waste would they? So they would use each of these on the victims of the outbreak, making sure none of the disease hit them. Got to keep your hands clean when you do genocide.

And if you couldn't tell here, I am not joking. These sadistic sons of guns wish to do that to people, even though they won't succeed, their criminal intent is there. Some of them will be severely imprisoned for it.

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You sound like Squealer in 'Animal Farm.'

Just because they are not coffins doesn't mean that they cannot be used as such. Why so many hundreds of thousands? You didn't explain that away. Read Animal Farm to learn about the big lie technique and how to NOT be the minister of propaganda for NWO.

Just because they COULD be used that way

Ask yourself if they were going to mass exterminate us, why would they even use separate boxes, what would be the point when they could just much more effectively/cheaper use a mass grave and bury like 60 people like they did in WWII.

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Temporary holding to minimize contamination/temporary transport.

Think outside the box. Each container is much larger than a coffin and can hold 3-5 people. The Nazis did not have these things available to them. We do. Whether radiation, pandemics, bio-terrorism, chemical weapons, or mass execution, these liners are stackable, and they provide temporary holding capacity and containment of the agent involved. The corpses could then be transferred for either burial or cremation without alarming the others, They could also just sit there sealed without drawing flies or other scavengers to prevent the spread of whatever the cause was.

"Because of disease, especially if the people die from a pandemic, or it takes awhile to recover the dead. The bodies will break down and get into the water and surrounding environment. It would be easier to put them in these plastic containers, put a lid on them, and then stack them. You then would transport them to a burial site. Plus, if you are in an unstable area, or an area hit with a disaster, you may not be able to bury the bodies nearby. They would need to be transported."

Re: why so many hundreds of thousands?

Thats easy to explain. You've never heard of mass production? You know the thing that made Henry Ford famous? They have to store them somewhere before they are sold to the cemetarys.

Second, I never saw hundreds of thousands. There may be hundreds or or even 2-4 thousand but I didn't see hundreds of thousands. Nobody's brain can even visualize hundreds of thousands. That's like counting the sand in a hour glass. I mean you cant just look at an hour glass and instantly know how many grains of sand is in there. Makes me think of the guess the number of jelly beans in the jar contest we had in grade school.

This is also a govt agency

They will buy twice as many as they need, at twice the price ;)

Do you trust everything you

Do you trust everything you read in wikipedia? Is this your ultimate source for verifying facts?

Ever served any time

in the military or national Gaurd? Ever been anywhere near a FEMA installation? If not, Then your click to find is meaningless on wikapedia.... Operation garden plot Rex 84 and now agenda 21.... I don't listen to Jones Or Ventura.... A plastic box..... Have you seen what natural elements especially in areas with hard water can do to Plastic? Come on man.... Not everything is some far fetched conspiracy, it is what it is. There are many coffins on FEMA Installations.... There are also Incinerators..... Ever think about that?

Re: assuming they were coffins

Just for sake of argument, we said they were to be used as coffins. How do you know it's not in preparation for a Natural disaster? Come on guys this is too easy, bring me some tough arguments related to this subject as I'm easily answering all of them.

Don't get too carried away with conspiracy

Don't always get carried away with conspiracy just because it's more sensational. I believe some conspiracies but I always fact check before I choose to what to believe even if it's assembled together by people I trust or like. People sometimes get carried away and believe everything the conspiracy says is all fact. You have to piece together the facts and put the story together yourself. Reptillians are a conspiracy theory, do you guys believe in those?

As far as 911, I believe their were bombs in the buildings, but I also believe their were planes that hit the buildings except for the pentagon because of the lack of wing holes. The people that died on those planes were real. The video that has me confused is the one where the news announced WTC7 has fallen before it actually came down. That could be real but it could also easily be faked as we know Hollywood special effects people can manipulate multiple images in video. Ron Paul doesn't believe the government was responsible but who knows. I guess my point would be, fact check, fact check fact check, then add up the facts and piece it together yourself.

Back to the graveliners , another question to ask would be, if the NWO was concerned with killing Americans, why would they even spend all this money to bury us in expensive plastic boxes that fit 3 people instead of 1. Wikipedia just makes more sense. Go ask the owners of a modern cemetary if you want the facts. What I like about wikipedia is that if you search for a conspiracy on wikipedia, they mention both sides of the argument, just like they do if you look up Barack Obamas birth certificate. They aren't biased with things they don't know. Obi Wan Kenobi once told Luke Skywalker "Luke your going to find many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view"