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Ben Swann Wxix

USA Today, MSNBC and Rachel Maddow show all reporting that Nebraska is a must win for the Paul campaign in order for Congressman Paul to get his name into nomination at the RNC in August.

From USA Today:
"Under Rule 40, Section B in the Republican National Committee's rule book, a presidential candidate must demonstrate the support of a "plurality of the delegates from five or more states" to get his or her name entered for nomination at the convention.

Paul already has a plurality of delegates from Iowa, Maine, Minnesota and Louisiana. Nebraska is the last state that will hold its convention for delegates."

The only problem with this... Congressman Paul already has a plurality of delegates in more than 5 states... in fact, it is my understanding he has the plurality in 6.

Colorado Paul 18, Romney 16, Santorum 2
Iowa Paul 23, Romney 2
Louisiana Paul 27, Romney 19
Maine Paul 21, Romney 3
Minn Paul 32, Romney 8
Nevada Paul 22, Romney 3

If this is wrong, let him know. bswann@fox19.com
Here is the link to the usa today aricle.
Ron Paul's supporters stake last hopes on Nebraska

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the difference is

That in Nevada they are bound to Romney so they are actually considered Romney delegates. And in Colorado they were declared undecided and not Ron Paul delegates. I believe more of them were for Santorum as well but I could be wrong there. Locally in Colorado it was reported as a Ron Paul win however technically they stated they were undeclared.

Now perhaps since the chairman of Nevada is a Ron Paul supporter they will nominate him anyway. However, the national leadership could ignore them. Same goes for Colorado. We can always say that they are all unbound, but it is unknown how that will actually play out. The leadership will interpret the rules how they want is my take.

If they were smart they will let Ron Paul win Nebraska and let him have his 15 minute speech at he convention. But so far, all they have done is cheat.

They Can Still Nominate.

Does it matter that they are "bound" to Romney on the first ballot? They can still "nominate" Dr Paul can't they??

I am sure they can try

But I am also sure that the ones in charge don't plan on letting them. So, we will see how it goes. I sure hope that they do. 7 states would be awesome!