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Stickers & Yard Signs - A challenge to you and your friends.

Here is the simple challenge for you to share with your friends:

Have you ever seen a Romney bumper sticker or yard sign?


I bet you will see 5 Ron Paul bumper stickers and/or yard signs before you see one Romney bumper sticker or yard sign.

I have to say that even though most of the country has probably written off Ron Paul, it is nice to still see Ron Paul bumper stickers and yard signs.

The way I figure it, people can laugh all they want, but the more they see Ron Paul's name, and continued enthusiasm, the more conversations get started.

In Montana last week, I went to a local parade, and when the "Republican" float came by with yard signs for governor, senate, congress, etc., I did see one Ron Paul sign, but ZERO Romney signs.

In fact, I actually saw a Herman Cain bumper sticker a few weeks ago, but I still have yet to see a Romney bumper sticker.

The fact still remains that there is still ZERO enthusiasm for Romney. So put on that Ron Paul bumper sticker, and like the song says, 'Let's give 'em somethin' to talk about'.

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First one seen in Ohio

ONE Romney bumper sticker sighted about a week ago. Still a few battered Santorum yard signs standing on the Interstate rightofway, and (so far, still) DOZENS of Ron Paul bumper stickers and yard signs. What Romney's base lacks in enthusiam, Slick Willard attempts to make up for with cash and a pet media eager to anoint him.

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West of 89
a novel of another america

I've never stopped Gurrilla Campaigning

I love doing it...its fun and most of the time people honk at me and give me a thumbs up when I'm putting up signs or stickers.

Fix the Signs.

+1. Stay, "On". and "give 'em somethin' to talk about".