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Citizen’s Viewpoint: We are ONE Person Away From Revolution

We all draw lines in the sand, knowing or not,
which if crossed, will see us engage in battle
by H. Michael Sweeney

I do not call for revolution. But I warn of it, and the why of it is quite obvious to me; too many of us, and in all walks of life, are openly using terms like Fascist, Police State, Dictator, Hitlerian, New World Order, and so forth. This should tell you the water is starting to boil. That governmentals fail to understand this mystifies me. Unattended, it will boil over, but so far, the only attention government is giving is to turn up the heat is to madly develop more Political Control Technology and Draconian measures as if believing they can absorb the spillage. So it behooves you, the reader, to consider just what lines in the sand might be important to you, as well as what your role would be in any such revolt. After all, you have three possible positions: stand for freedom; stand under the yoke; and attempt to remain neutral, each considered below.

This is the third in a series of blog posts about the likelihood of armed conflict in the United States to regain control of government and restore the Constitution. Other supportive articles have also been written before the need to write had been sensed, and have become more relevant thereby. The first post, What Does it Take to Start a Revolution discussed how scary it is that it takes so very few people to start a revolution, and how low the cost in life tends to be, and the role of government in its own demise. The second, Military Viewpoint: We are SIX People Away from Revolution, revealed that such a revolution may be forced upon us by the Military itself by seizure of government in a de facto military coup, likely involving a massive terror event, be it false flag or otherwise.

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Every "terrorist" attack

Was carried out with the help of our own government. 9-11. Wt'93, OK city, they knew and contributed. Some might say the revolution has already started. Take your guns to Tampa.

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I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

One person going "Boondock Saints"

on the banksters is all they'll need to demonize us all and pull their trigger. The one thing saving us from all this is that the aware folks are the lawful folks, whereas the banksters are the lawless sons of perdition.

We might as well be living in the days of Robin Hood.

While the story of Robin Hood was fiction, it was based on the tyrannical times of the rule of King of England, John Lackland Plantagenet, one of the most hated men of the 12th century. He was so bad that the nobles who supported him forced him to sign the magna carta to recognize their rights, which he then ignored.

As a child hearing the story, I could not understand why the people he plundered did not rise up and kill him, and his cronies, but as I see similar, if not worse plunder and control today, the same apathy is apparent in us. We certainly have justification as we are taxed so very heavily to support the our present massive government, which itself ignores our own historic Constitution. As if visible taxes are not oppressive enough, we bear the most insidious of the all taxes, the invisible theft of our wealth through inflation of the money supply and forced low interest rates that steal from savers to give to borrowers, the federal government being the biggest borrower.

We live in a society where people justify the plunder and control of government because they believe the largesse will flow to them. There is a large army of government supporters who don't see beyond the next government handout coming their way, and who lack the intellect to see that they are just pawns who suffer poverty created by the same government that they think benefits them. There is a large army of people who have been brainwashed into believing that government is the answer instead of the problem.

When the present system of plunder and control becomes unbearable and some do rise up to break the chains that bind us, there will be three opposing camps. (1)Those in power and their cronies who use government to rig the economy in their own favor, extracting the wealth of the majority and putting it in their own pockets (fascists); (2)Those out of power who want more government plunder and control with the largesse directed to themselves instead of those presently in power (socialist/communists); and, (3)Those out of power wanting to restore freedom, including free markets and very limited government.

Civil war or revolution is as much neighbor killing neighbor as it is rebel and government forces killing one another. Look at the waring camps in Iraq or the citizen against citizen violence in border States during the 1861 US Civil War as examples.

There is a simple principle at work that brings us to the revolution point. When the pain and suffering from going along with the current system of plunder and control materially exceeds the pain and suffering the citizenry estimates will come from revolting, we will follow the path of least pain and rise up.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

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We must show up in numbers. Numbers large enough to attract attention, as to how difficult martial law will be.

Mr. Sweeny makes a very credible arguement

for preparedness. However I'm concerned regarding his assumption that one branch of the military won't tolerate anothers oppression upon the populace. One only has to view the lack of response to Ruby Ridge and Waco to understand where my reservations are coming from. Both were calculated instances of cold blooded murder by our government and both were met with little or no protestations from our military or even the general population. Mc Veighs attack upon the Oklahoma City Federal building was the only instance of any type of retribution , how ever ill intended it was, and look how that played out. Our government has learned well from the Israelis to place your most vulnerable in a target area to produce the most outcry if there is any type of retaliation from it's injustices.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

If you look at the experts who have weighed in on OK city

Most conclude several bombs were placed IN the building, just like 9-11. They knew and contributed. Then lists of witnesses disappeared. You can find the liinks but a good place to start is " a noble lie" or " what really happened"

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I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

Waco and Ruby Ridge were controlled media events.

Most news was "blacked out" until after the fact. Responses were muted for the very reason Timothy McVeigh actions were likely COINTELPRO "false flag", violence tends to backfire, particularly when it is not selective. I don't know is Waco/Ruby Ridge sniper Lon Horiuchi's bones are bleaching in the desert somewhere. However, if they are, I wouldn't expect the media to report it; and, until recently, at least, most people at this website would condemn his execution (I reserve the term "murder" for the killing of INNOCENT human life).

I agree,

but I also consider the taking of a human life, whether guilty of atrocities or not, to be of the highest order and not something to be considered lightly unless it is to stop further atrocities. Unfortunately , unless we prevail, I see that decision becoming more relevant as the days go by.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Oh, the gov't understands it all right.

That's why there is Homeland Security and TSA and militarization of the police, and etc.

They think they can manage it and control it, and use it to get rid of the ones they don't want left around.
They might or might not be able to manage it, but they 'think' that they can, and it seems they are going to go ahead and try.