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Want to help fund me to get to NE to help?

I am an unemployed former community college student who is going to Grand Island to help film the convention. I say "former" because I dropped out in order to go to Iowa,New Hampshire and Seattle to help either the Grassroots or the official campaign in some low level capacity. The NE people need to have all their attention on the convention so having out of staters film is ideal. The filming itself will ensure the gop is kept honest and no shenanigans result which translates into a better chance at success! God forbid the gop says to heck with it and starts abusing our people like in LA than it will be documented. I think if it is true that the gop is capitulating in LA and giving us our duly elected National Delegates it is due in part to the fact that the undeniable video evidence shows how abusive they were. I dont have a chip in yet so if you'd like to help please call me at 505-453-9034. Thanks/ RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!

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I could use some help

I could use some help call me is ya want 505-453-9034 thanks!